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This category contains annual reports of GeoGebra Institutes for 2011.

Anual report 2011 for Associació Catalana de GeoGebra. GeoGebra Institute of Catalonia

Website [Associació Catalana de GeoGebra]

1. Members

  • Chairman: José Manuel Yábar
  • Vice- Chairman: Pep Bujosa
  • Secretary: Albert Garcia
  • Treasurer: Belen Escudé
  • Training committe: Josep Lluís Cañadilla
  • Research committe: Bernat Ancochea
  • Educational resources committe: Enric Brasó
  • Information and communication committe: Carlos Gimenez
  • Magazine committe : Toni Gomà

Number of the association members: 160

2. Training and Support

In 2011 the association carried out these training activities:

  • 1. International Seminar "GeoGebra, a basic tool for teaching and learning of mathematics" III day ACG 18th/19th February 2011 with the participation of over 210 teachers from across Spain. The Participation as speakers: Markus Hohenwater, Manuel Sada, Gaetano Di Caprio and Mathieu Blossier and the presentation of 10 papers.
  • 2. Third Meeting of ACG 04th of 05/2011, open session to all members. Short whorkshop on coming new 4th version.
  • 3. Workshop Introduction to GeoGebra held in Vilanova UOC on 20th of 05/2011
  • 4. Introductory course in GeoGebra in primary school held in Barcelona (15 hours) 4th, 5th, 6th of 7/2011.
  • 5. Introductory course in GeoGebra in secondary school held in Barcelona (15 hours) 4th, 5th, 6th of 7/2011
  • 6. Course "Work with GeoGebra and discover some new features in version 4" held in Girona (20 hours) 7th, 11th,12th and 14 of july 2011
  • 7. Workshop “Introduction to GeoGebra in secondary school held in Olot 14th of 07/2011
  • 8. Workshop “Introduction to GeoGebra in primary school held in Olot 14th of 07/2011
  • 9. III day of GeoGebra held in Lleida: Experiences of classroom tools to support teaching and educational research. Secondary school and university with the

participation of over 60 teachers 15th of 10/2011

3. Development and Sharing

Maintenance of the association website ( where we can find information about courses, workshops, meetings, conferences... and preparation of resources for the virtual campus courses that have been made, the people registration to the activities,...

4. Research and Collaboration

  • New GeoGebra Moodle module for embedding GeoGebra tasks into Moodle and reporting student’s learning processes. This is a

collaboration between Local Education Administration in Catalonia, Local GeoGebra Institute and GeoGebra developers team. Presentation in Linz during the GeoGebra Conference 2011, held in Hagenberg, on August 29-31, 2011.

  • Translation GeoGebra version 4, all new commands and some changes on existing ones.

5. Publications

Magazine Cònica 2: [Cònica]

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