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Bhesh Raj Mainali,

Ajaya Singh,

Ramesh Prasad Avasthi,

Shree Prasad Ghimire,

Thakur Thimalsina,

Training and Support

GeoGebra institute of Kathmandu has conducted  workshops and trainings about GeoGebra 
at different four  places  of the country including one at Kathmandu.

In all training the participants were from high school mathematics school teachers.

Workshop and the place:

1. Kathmandu Metropolitan city, Kathmandu

2. Pokhara sub metropolitan city, Kaski District

3. Birgunj sub Metropolitain City, Parsa

4. . Gorkha distric, Gorkha

5. Bhaktapur, disctric Bhakatpur

6. Itahari Municipality, Ithari Sunsari

Development and Sharing

An introductory course about GeoGebra has first time introduced for the master degree level students at school of Education, Kathmandu University. Many students (in - service and pre - service teachers) have been using GeoGebra for their internships and as well as designing mathematics lesson materials.

Research and Collaboration

An action research about GeoGebra has been conducted, and published a paper in the national Journal of mathematics education: Mathematics Education


Future Plan

Planning to conduct more trainings and workshops in more places of the country to get to know about the free software GeoGebra; and encourage and motivate mathematics teachers using GeoGebra.

Organize more training to develop certified trainers of GeoGebra in different parts of the country.

Carry out research study about the software in the context of Nepal.

Try to include GeoGebra in someway in universities and colleges courses.

Plan to organize regional (south Asia) or at least national level conference in future.


An Action Research on GeoGebra: Impression of Mathematics Teachers Journal: Mathematics Education Forum, Nepal

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