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The GeoGebra Institute of Valencia (IGV) was founded in July, 2011, and is part of the Al-Khwarizmi Mathematical Education Society of Valencia. Some of its purposes are:

• Dissemination, creation, compilation and assessment of training materials using GeoGebra to assist teachers at different educational levels.

• Organization of training sessions about the use and possibilities GeoGebra offers in the different educational levels as well as encouragement of the development and diffusion of research in Mathematical Education.

• Creation of contact processes for all teachers interested in GeoGebra and collaboration with the rest of GeoGebra Institutes in Spain, as well as in other countries.

Members: The SEMCV Al-Khwarzmi currently has 485 members, and is part of the Spanish Federation of Societies of Mathematics Teachers (FESPM is the Spanish acronym).

People responsible of the IGV:

Chairperson of the GeoGebra Institute: Onofre Monzó, < >

Representative of the Hosting Institution: Luis Puig, < >

Representative of the Advisory Committee: José Antonio Mora, <>

Training and Support

Web page at Our Webmaster is Juan Fernando López Villaescusa <>

IGV has an email distribution list to inform all members about the news and headlines regarding Geogebra and the Geogebra Institutes, which is managed and distributed from <>

Initial Teacher Training

Teaching activities at the University. IGV participates in lectures at the Universities of Valencia and Alicante.

• “Mathematics for Teachers” – compulsory subject for students of Nursery and Primary School degrees.

• “Learning and Teaching of Mathematics” (University of Valencia) and “Innovation in Mathematics Teaching and Research in Mathematics Didactics” (University of Alicante) – compulsory subject for students taking part in the Postgraduate Degrees in Education.

Continuous Teacher Training: IGV has organized, taught and worked on several courses in collaboration with the Teachers’ Centres in Castellón, Ontinyent, Alicante and Torrent.

• Training of Teachers in GeoGebra as a digital resource for the Mathematics class.

• Training in the use of GeoGebra and in the use of materials from the Gauss Project (

• Teacher training courses in the Valencian region in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Juan Fernando López Villaescusa and José Antonio Mora Sánchez have been tutors for the GeoGebra Virtual courses at the Primary and Secondary school levels which are organized by the Institute of Educational Technologies, Ministry of Education (

Training courses materials

• “Introduction to GeoGebra” by Juan Manuel Couchoud, Fernando Juan and Vicent Perales

• Mathematics committee from Camp de Morvedre

Development and Sharing

Websites of IGV members:

• Geometry for Mathematics I by Gregori García Ferri

• Dynamic Geometry in Mathematics by José Antonio Mora at

• Mathematics and other sensitivities by Gabriel Iborra at

• Work Group from Figueras Pacheco Secondary School at

• Isometry in the plane by Lluís Botella: [1]

• Astronomy by Leandro Tortosa: [2]

• Bloggeate by Francisco González [3]

• Mathematics by Juan Bragado at

• Technical Design at the Malladeta Secondary School by David Bataller at

Research and Collaboration

Coordination with the GeoGebra Institutes of Spain (ACG Cataluña, IGC Cantabria, IGA Andalucía, IGG Galicia, IGM Madrid) in Barcelona (February, 2011) and Gijón (July, 2011)

Jose Antonio Mora coordinated the Discussion Group “Dynamic Geometry” in the XV JAEM. Gijón. July, 2011. See at


“The Study of linear, quadratic, exponential functions with the help of GeoGebra”. Final Project for the Masters Degree in Specific Didactics Research, by Tatiane da Silva Bins, directed by Luis Puig. University of Valencia, 2010.

“Didactic Proposal for the Development of Geogebra in the Studying of Geometry”. Final Project for the Masters Degree in Secondary and A-Levels Education in Geometry by Ester Grao Fernández directed by Francisco G. González Martínez. University Jaume I, Castellon, 2010.

Presentation of IGV in Castellon by Javier Palomo. CEFIRE of Castellón. September, 2011.


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