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Use of GeoGebra in the University of East-Sarajevo

GeoGebra was introduced in teaching the subject "Didactics of Mathematics" for students of the Department for mathematics and Computer Science

Development and Sharing

Darko Drakulic has worked on GeoGebra development (Implicit Curves, Barycentric and Trilinear Coordinates, Catalog of Triangle Curves)


GeoGebra-based project "Interactive e-learning of mathematics in cultural context of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina nations" was started in summer of 2011. That is joint project of University of Maribor (host for GI Maribor) and University of East-Sarajevo (host for GI East-Sarajevo)

Presentations on conferences

Darko DRAKULIC: Inversion in GeoGebra, The First Mathematics Conference of the Republic of Srpska, East-Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 20th Darko DRAKULIC: GeoGebra, version 4, The Second Symposium "Mathematics and Applications", Belgrade - Serbia, May 27th - 28th Darko DRAKULIC, Philipp BIRKLBAUER: Implicit curves in GeoGebra 4, The Second GeoGebra Conference, Hagenberg - Austria, August 28th-30th

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