GeoGebra Institute:2011 Annual Report GI Tehran

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*****You can structure the report as you wish, the following headings are just pointers*****


MA Saeed Aminorroaya (chair), Instructional technologist and researcher on dynamic geometry tools and he is involved in GeoGebra Software development.

MA Khosrow Davoodi, Manager of Solaha school and Mathematics education expert at Programme for Teacher Education, learning center and an experienced math teacher. Khosrow, will give workshops, develop materials, and do research on GeoGebra. And Department chair of Tebyan learning center at the Tebyan Cultural and Information Institute. Also he is student of PhD in OLE in math education.

MSc Setreh Noorbakhsh, Content developer is responsible for the content development.

MSc Azam ZAbihi Content developer expert, translator and will give workshops and develop materials. And expert in educational softwares.

MSc Ali SafarNavadeh expert in educational softwares and elearning systems

BS Milad Afshin Manesh student of MA in Math education

Training and Support

Workshop for GeoGebra Users 2011/1/8

Workshop for GeoGebra Users 2011/5/4

Workshop for GeoGebra Users 2011/5/11

Workshop for GeoGebra Users 2011/5/18

Workshop for Expert Users 2011/6/18

Workshop for Expert Users 2011/6/26

Workshop for Expert Users 2011/7/3

Workshop for Expert Users 2011/7/10

Workshop for Expert Users 2011/7/17

Workshop for Expert Users 2011/7/24

Workshop for teacher trainer 2011/8/1

Workshop for teacher trainer 2011/8/8

Introductory Seminar in Tehran Math House (2011/12/14) [1]

Development and Sharing

30 lesson plan in tebyan Learning Center

Many 5 GGB Uploaded in GeoGebratube

Research and Collaboration

Attending in 2nd GeoGebra Conferences in Linz (Milad Afshin Manesh)

Article: Dynamic Teaching (Milad Afshin Manesh)

Article: Using GeoGebra for teaching Limit (Ali Enjili)

Article: A comparison between common class and GeoGenra class (Saeed Aminorroaya)

Support 3 PHD student to do their disseration


Introductory Seminar (400 People) 2012/1/26

Many Articles

Improve website


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