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The GeoGebra Institute of České Budějovice ( was founded in February 7, 2011 as the 50th GeoGebra Institute all around the world. It is hosted by the Faculty of Education ( of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (

The GeoGebra Institute of České Budějovice is closely connected to the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Education. Its aim is in accordance with the activities of the department, namely with its research in the use of technology in mathematics education, as well as with both its pre-service and in-service teacher training programmes for mathematics teachers and the doctoral study program “Theory of mathematics education”.


Faculty members: Helena Binterová, Roman Hašek, Pavel Pech, Libuše Samková, Jiří Vaníček,

Mathematics teachers: Jan Ptáčník, Irena Štrausová,

Students: Zuzana Bouchalová, Michaela Noruláková, Monika Posekaná, Tereza Suchopárová, Markéta Tomanová.

Training and Support

The Czech version of the GeoGebra Certificate tests for the levels „User“ and „Expert“, together with the content of the preparatory courses for applicants for these certificates have been prepared. The certification process will be launched in 2012.

The Faculty of Education offers the subject “The Use of computers in mathematics education”, the 2D geometry part of which is based on the use of GeoGebra.

An adult education course “Computer based mathematics education with the use of GeoGebra” was accredited by the ministry of education.

Development and Sharing

The Institute guarantees the translation of the GeoGebra 4 graphic user interface. We are working on the Czech localization of the GeoGebra Manual ( in cooperation with the GeoGebra Institute of Prague.

Research and Collaboration

The 5th national Conference on the use of computers in mathematics education, November 3 – 5, 2012 (, gave the opportunity to organize GeoGebra workshops, lectures and presentations. Mainly, we used the occasion to hear Markus Hohenwarter’s plenary lecture “GeoGebra and its Community” and workshop “New features in GeoGebra”. Another GeoGebra workshop “The guide to GeoGebra” was presented by Šárka Gergelitsová. More than ten other conference contributions from the total number of forty dealt with the use of GeoGebra in mathematics education.

Members of the Institute participate in the student research project “Integration of the educational environments in mathematics education”.


Conference presentations:

Hašek, R., Numerical analysis of a planar motion - GeoGebra as a tool of investigation (presentation, English). International GeoGebra conference, 29-31 August, 2011, Hagenberg.

Hašek, R., GeoGebra Institute of České Budějovice (presentation, Czech). 5th Conference on the use of computers in mathematics education, 3-5 November, 2011, České Budějovice.

Vaníček, J., Lombart, J., The computer as a drawing tool and school performance in geometry (presentation, English). International GeoGebra conference, 29-31 August, 2011, Hagenberg.

Journal papers:

Binterová, H., Šulista, M., Teaching of Mathematics in English at the basic school (paper, Czech). The mathematics teacher. Brno. 2011. (in print)

Diploma thesis dealing with the use of GeoGebra in mathematics education:

Mantlíková, L., Teaching of geometry at primary school with the use of the interactive board (smart board, white board) and the dynamic geometry software GeoGebra. Summer 2011.

Mácha, P., Use computers in mathematics teaching at elementary school. Summer 2011.

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