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*****You can structure the report as you wish, the following headings are just pointers*****


The GeoGebra Institute of Minsk was set up in April 2011. The webpage is [1]. Staff is 3 people:

  • Ph.d. Pazniak Yury V. — chair person,
  • Shvarkova Galina G.,
  • Ph.d. Galynsky Vladimir M.

Training and Support

  1. Course "Development of textbooks and multimedia learning on-line" for 3rd year students, the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Belarusian State University, pedagogical speciality. This special course is designed for students — future teachers of mathematics. GeoGebra is used as a development environment of mathematical applets.
  2. Promotion of GeoGebra among students and teachers of the Belarusian State University.
  3. Individual consultations.

Development and Sharing

The incorporation of GeoGebra activities with LMS Moodle (creation of educational online resources):

  1. Algebra [2] («Элементарная математика. Алгебра») — free resources for schoolboys and students in Russian.
  2. Geometry [3] («Элементарная математика. Геометрия ») — free resources for schoolboys and students in Russian.
  3. Mathematical analysis — closed resources for students.
  4. Electrodynamics — closed resources for students.
  5. Physics for schoolboys (Физика для школьников) — is in the development now.

Research and Collaboration

  • Study international experience of using GeoGebra in educational practices.
  • Development of new instructional techniques in teaching different subjects with GeoGebra.
  • Development 3D model of geometry primitives with GeoGebra 3.2.
  • Exchange the experience of Belarusian teachers.


Currently we are working on an on-line GeoGebra for resource teachers.


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