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The GeoGebra Institute of Madrid (Instituto Geogebra de Madrid, IGM) is a joint venture between

The Cátedra Miguel de Guzmán was created on September 26th, 2007 by the iniciative of the Faculty of Mathematics of UCM, in the frame of the Fundación General of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The aim of the "Cátedra Miguel de Guzmán" is to analyse the problems and perspectives involved in the study of Mathematics Education (analysis, research, teaching), in Spain and on an international level.

The Regional Center of Innovation and Training (CRIF) "Las Acacias", created in July, 2008 is a training center whose scope is the Community of Madrid. The objectives of the CRIF are the design, management and delivery of teacher training, which will be directed to teachers. The CRIF also encourages innovation in teaching activities in the pre-college education.

GeoGebra Institute of Madrid (IGM) collaborates in joint activities with other institutions. In this sense, IGM is considered a Patronage formed by:

Training and Support

  • All the information about IG Madrid is available at
  • Local users can obtain information and support in the google group Instituto Geogebra de Madrid.
  • Training courses (presential and online) prepared by the CRIF "Las Acacias". There is also a seminar on GeoGebra.
    • Seminar : Geogebra aplicada a la geometría en la enseñanza de las matemáticas y del dibujo
    • Online course: Matemáticas con Geogebra
    • Online course: Geometría plana con Geogebra
  • Development of teaching materials, by the Cátedra Miguel de Guzmán, inside the project "Share and design resources for teacher training of novel mathematics university professors", Project for Innovation and Improvement of Educational Quality, UCM(PIMCD-239).

Research and Collaboration


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