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The GeoGebra Institute of Medellin (Colombia) (IGM) was established on September 17, 2010, with the authorization of GeoGebra funder, Dr. Markus Hohenwarter. The IGM was created by a group of mathematics teachers of the Faculty of Basic Sciences of Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano (Metropolitan Institute of Technology), in Medellin, Colombia, A Web site has been stablished for the IGM, which is as follows: The site can also be accessed to from the official site of GeoGebra:


The IGM members are responsible for dissemination, training and retraining of teachers and students in the use of GeoGebra tools, at different educational levels in the regional context, with national and international projection.

The IGM members are:

 Francisco Javier Córdoba Gómez

 Juan Guillermo Rivera Berrio

 Juan Guillermo Arango Arango (Chair)

 Elkin Alberto Castrillon Jimenez

 Hector Javier Herrera Mejía

 Carlos Mario Restrepo Restrepo

 Jhon Jairo Garcia Mora

GeoGebra outreach activities and participation in various events in 2011

During 2011, some of the activities of the IGM and its members were directed to both teacher training and to its participation in various events:

• International Congress of Training and Modeling in Basic Sciences. Universidad de Medellín (University of Medellin), May 4-6, 2011, Medellin.

 Workshop: Visualization and its potential in learning mathematics with the help of dynamic geometry.

 Workshop: Design and implementation of virtual learning objects for digital educational content development in the subject of geometry with GeoGebra software.

 Workshop: Building conics through GeoGebra.

 Conference: Projection of GeoGebra Institute of Medellin

 Conference: Certification process for teachers and future GeoGebra trainers’ production and publications from the Institute of Medellin GeoGebra network, as part of the International GeoGebra Institute.

• 20 Meeting of Geometry and its Applications. Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (National Pedagogical University). June 23-25, 2011, Bogota.

 Workshop: Visualization in mathematics with the help of dynamic geometry (GeoGebra) and their contributions to the modeling.

• 1st International Meeting on the teaching of Natural Sciences. Universidad Católica de Pereira (Catholic University of Pereira), September 1-2, 2011, Pereira.

 Workshop: Visualization in mathematics articulated to modeling: some examples

 Workshop: Recreating the conic sections of Apollonius of Perga with GeoGebra

 Conference: Recreation geometric reasoning of students with GeoGebra

• XVI Departmental Meeting of Mathematics and I Departmental Meeting of GeoGebra. Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (Metropolitan Institute of Technology - ITM), CSID-ADIDA, Medellin GeoGebra Institute (IGM), November 3-4, 2011, Medellin.

 Workshop: Introduction to GeoGebra.

 Workshop: Building with GeoGebra

 Workshop: Creating Applets with GeoGebra.

 Workshop: Integration of GeoGebra in Learning Units.

 Workshop: New GeoGebra 4.0 and next version.

 Conference: Medellin GeoGebra Institute (Certification Process).

The previous workshops were offered to approximately 150 secondary school teachers in Mathematics of public schools of the department of Antioquia. GeoGebra Institute of Medellin with the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (Metropolitan Institute of Technology - ITM), is in the task of formalizing agreements and/or partnerships with other institutions to train teachers in basic science in different educational institutions, from different educational levels with the aim of promoting the development and use of GeoGebra in different regions of the country. The complete papers of the activities cited above, can be found in the Proceedings of each event at:

Upcoming events for 2012

In the same way, the IGM will be hosting the 2nd Latin American Conference of GeoGebra, to be held in August 2012 in Medellin, Colombia. These efforts have been coordinated from the Academic Vicechancellor Offcie and from the International and National Relations Office from the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (Metropolitan Institute of Technology - ITM), who have kept in tight contact with the GeoGebra Institute of Sao Paolo Brazil, as to acquire their knowledge in terms of organizing and promoting the very first Latin American Conference. Similarly, both offices have been working with GeoGebra International administrative personnel in order to ensure the quality and comply with the set expectations of the event.

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