GeoGebra Institute:2011 Annual Report GI Ithaca

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Dani Novak, professor, Ithaca College,

David Brown, professor, Ithaca College,


Math and Arts Conference, July 2011, at Ithaca College. Invited Steve Phelps from the GI of Ohio to give a workshop to teachers.

Continued developing curriculum materials for GeoGebra. Continuing to integrate GeoGebra with the classes we teach at Ithaca College (Math Fundamentals, Algebra, Mathematical Experimentation, and Complex Analysis)

K-12 Teacher Workshops, Ithaca College, January 19, 2012. Training teachers to incorporate GeoGebra into the upcoming Common Core State Standards.


"Symmetry of Curves: Rolling Wheels", AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 4-7, 2012, Boston, MA. GeoGebra used to explore the symmetries of curves drawn using Fourier Series.

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