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The GeoGebra Institute of Andalusia (Instituto GeoGebra de Andalucía, IGA) established a management committee formed by eight representatives, one from each province of Andalusia.

This committee is responsible for the institute’s plan of activities.

Training and Support

In 2011 the following training activities have taken place:

- Introduction to GeoGebra Workshop: on the 8th and 10th of February, in Huelva, with the Centro de Profesorado de Huelva (Teachers’ Centre from Huelva) participation. A 12 hour training activity taught as blended training.

- Introduction to GeoGebra Course: a 6 hour course that took place at IES Pedro Soto de Rojas, on the 16th and 17th of March.

- In collaboration with the Cadiz and Campo de Gibraltar Teachers’ Centres ([CEP] Centro del Profesorado):

o 4/05/2011 - 2/06/2011 (Cadiz) Teaching and Learning Mathematics with GeoGebra
o 15/03/2011 - 26/03/2011 (On-line, Campo de Gibraltar) GeoGebra: Dynamic Mathematics in the Classroom

- II GeoGebra Conference in Andalusia: on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April, in Huelva. In addition to the plennary sessions there were a series of workshops:

o Introduction to GeoGebra
o GeoGebra in the Classroom
o Vector and Analitic Geometry
o Constructing with GeoGebra
o Geometric Challenge with GeoGebra
o Simulations and Probability Problems with GeoGebra
o Sequences and Lists
o GeoGebra and TutorMates
o Applications of Geogebra to Analysis

In addition, the more than 150 participants had the opportunity to present papers on their classroom experiences.

These 2nd regional conference has being organised in collaboration with Universidad de Huelva, Universidad de Córdoba and SAEM THALES; and has financial support from the Economy, Innovation and Science Regional Ministry of Andalusia.

Full information of the conference can be found in the GeoGebra Institute’s Website at: [1]

The minutes of the conference are published at: [2]

Research and Collaboration

The GeoGebra Institute of Andalusia has collaborated with the other GeoGebra Institutes from Spain.

A representative from the Geogebra Institute of Andalusia has participated in the 1st GeoGebra Latin American Conference that took place last November in São Paulo, Brazil.


In addition to the minutes of the II GeoGebra Conference in Andalusia published at: [3]

A monographic has been published in the journal ÉPSILON, edited by the THALES (Mathematics Education Society of Andalusia) on GeoGebra, which includes the papers presented by the participants in the I GeoGebra Conference, March 2010:[4]

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