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*****You can structure the report as you wish, the following headings are just pointers*****

The GeoGebra Institute Maribor, Slovenija, IGI M Slovenija was set up in November 2010, with the authorisation of Markus Hohenwarter. The GeoGebra Institute Maribor support FNM (Faculty for Mathematics and Physics) in Maribor, member of University Maribor and Gimnazija Ptuj where our members are from. We have also members from other high schools, but it number is still to small and we wish to continue on the increasing of membership.


dr. Blaž Zmazek (chairman of institute)

Members: dr. Alenka Lipovec, dr. Igor Pesek, dr. Katja Prnaver, mag. Samo Repolusk. (university teachers and researchers) and Vesna Zmazek, Jernej Regvat, Oskar Jericijo, Jelena Keršnik, Stanislav Šenveter (secretary). (high school teachers and GeoGebra users - experts).

We created a website through which new members are invited and informed about our activities: and also publishing a monthly newsletter IGI International.

We carried out the education of our membership, at the latest during the development of new versions, about to inform and teach the new capabilities and new properties in GeoGebra 4.0, 4.2, GeoGebra Desktop and Web, as also inform about it development.

Training and Support

We performed three Workshops on Gimnazija Ptuj in December 2010, about use of GeoGebra for teaching and learning of mathematics: Workshop: Gimnazija Ptuj, 20., 21. dec. 2010

Slika4.jpg Workshop 1.jpg

Slovenian Association of Mathematicians, Physicists and Astronomers, consists of all teachers of mathematics in physics Slovenia prepared this Year in October, 24th, 2011 meeting with main theme "When the equations come to life" Abstracts (in Slovenian only) with emphasis of GeoGebra in it. There was a lot of workshops and also IGI Maribor prepared presentation: "GeoGebra from near and far", where we talked about ten years occurrences GeoGebra in Sovenija. Our presentation (in Slovenian) is on the link:

In November, 2011we have in FNM (Maribor) lecture to students and professors of mathematics during three weeks where we detail presented all the improvements and benefits new geoGebra 4.0 as well as trends and development in the future.

Development and Sharing

Along the way we are constantly working on the translation of GeoGebra in slovenian language. Translation and learning about new abilities and innovations GeoGebra v. 4.0. As also on translation GeoGebra Website, Manual and other publications.

But even now it is on school sites and portals in Slovenia mathematical many materials with GeoGebra applets, which merit our work and spread knowledge about the use of GeoGebra in school mathematics. This is the spirit of IGI Maribor, Slovenija.

Research and Collaboration

Sound in GeoGebra. A lot of applets with speech about activities in it (example: Arithmetic sequence (in slovenian only).


We work on using GeoGebra as in primary as in secondary level of education, both theoretically and practically with the elaborated applets. We have a team that is capable of cooperation, research and creation of teaching contents and materials.


Currently we not have special publications with point on GeoGebra, but we have a lot of original contributions of our group to many useful applets that occurred within our community and on our Portal, as also in daily work of our members in a school program, using GeoGebra. We hope that we can perhaps later to publish all this work in some booklet. Presentation


Currently we are working to improve the portal, which is becoming an interactive e-textbook with also more than 500 GeoGebra applets. We want to improve them, and this can happen within the project The Ministry of Education in the Republic of Slovenia for e-textbooks materials. It will take until mid-2012 and we hope had great success among teachers and students of secondary and primary schools in Sloveija as this is the case with mentioned portal from the late 2007 to now and has more than 200000 hits Daily Average, although in the Slovenian language.

Once completed, we will prepare courses and possibly even e-um Conference with section GeoGebra conference with the daily work at school.

Thus, within this project, we plan a lot of courses and workshops on the topic of e-learning materials in schools. In this regard, will welcome the use of will welcome.

We also plan integration and cooperation to the IGI institutes Eastern Europe (Zagreb, Sarajevo, Novi Sad). We therefore plan to actively spread the membership and extend the use of GeoGebra in school through all these activities, which will hopefully continue throughout the year 2012.

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