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Numerator( <Function> )
Returns the numerator of the function.
Example: Numerator((3x² + 1) / (2x - 1)) yields f(x) = 3x² + 1.
Numerator( <Number> )
For a rational number returns its numerator. It uses a numerical method, which limits this command to numbers with small denominator. For irrational input the numerator of its continued fraction is returned.

CAS Syntax

Numerator( <Expression> )
Returns the numerator of a rational number or expression.
  • Numerator(2/3 + 1/15) yields 11.
  • If variables a, b and c haven't been previously defined in GeoGebra, then Numerator(a/b) yields a and Numerator(Simplify(a + b/c)) yields a c + b
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