FractionText Command

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FractionText( <Number> )
Converts the number to a fraction, which is displayed as a (LaTeX) text object in the ([File:Menu view graphics.svg|link=|16px)] Graphics View.
Example: If a: y = 1.5 x + 2 is a line, then FractionText(Slope(a)) gives you the fraction 3/2 as a text.
FractionText( <Point> )
Displays the coordinates of the point as fractions in the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View.
Example: If A=(1.33,0.8) is a point, then FractionText(A) gives you the coordinates \mathrm{\mathsf{ \left( \frac{133}{100} ,\frac{4}{5} \right) }} as a text.
Note: See also SurdText command.
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