Extremum Command

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Extremum( <Polynomial> )
Yields all local extrema of the polynomial function as points on the function graph.
Extremum(x³ + 3x² - 2x + 1) creates local extrema (0.29, 0.70) and (-2.29, 9.30) and shows them in the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View.
Extremum( <Function>, <Start x-Value>, <End x-Value> )
Calculates (numerically) the extremum of the function in the open interval ( <Start x-Value>, <End x-Value> ).
Extremum((x⁴ - 3x³ - 4x² + 4) / 2, 0, 5) creates local extremum (2.93, -16.05) in the given interval and shows it in the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View.
Note: The function should be continuous in [ <Start x-Value>, <End x-Value> ], otherwise false extrema near discontinuity might be calculated.
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