GetTime Command

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Returns a list with the current time and date in this order:
milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours (0-23), date, month (1-12), year, month (as text), day (as text), day (1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday, etc)
Example: GetTime() returns a list such as {647, 59, 39, 23, 28, 2, 2011, "February", "Monday", 2}.

GetTime( "<Format>" )
Creates a text using Format as a template replacing any of the following characters when prefixed by a backslash (\):
d, D, j, l, N, S, w, z, W, F, m, M, n, t, L, Y, y, a, A, g, G, h, H, i, s, U - the explanation to these characters are here
Example: GetTime("The date is \l the \j\S of \F \Y") might give The date is Thursday the 5th of July 2012


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