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Execute( <List of Texts> )
Executes list of commands entered as texts.
Note: Please note that you always need to use English(us) commands within this list of texts, no matter which language option you selected for GeoGebra.
  • Execute({"A=(1,1)","B=(3,3)","C = Midpoint(A, B)"}) creates points A, B and their midpoint C.

  • Execute(Join({"f_{1} = 1", "f_{2} = 1"}, Sequence("f_{"+(i + 2) + "} = f_{" + (i+1) + "} + f_{"+ i +"}", i, 1, 10))) creates first 10 elements of Fibonacci sequence.

Execute( <List of Texts>, <Parameter>, ... , <Parameter> )
Replaces %1 for the first parameter, %2 for the second parameter and so on in each text in list. Up to 9 parameters can be specified. After the replacement, resulting scripts are executed.
Execute({"Segment(%1,%2)","Midpoint(%1,%2)"}, A, B) creates the segment AB and its midpoint.
Note: Command names must be in English(us) in the texts for this command to work.
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