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<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude>{{command|scripting}}
;SetActiveView[ <View> ]
;SetActiveView[ <View> ]
:Makes given [[Graphics View|View]] active.
:Makes given [[Graphics View|View]] active.

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SetActiveView[ <View> ]
Makes given View active.
  • 1 or "G" for Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View and 2 or "D" for Menu view graphics2.svg Graphics View 2
  • -1 or "T" for Perspectives algebra 3Dgraphics.svg 3D Graphics View
  • "A" for Menu view algebra.svg Algebra View
  • "S" for Menu view spreadsheet.svg Spreadsheet View
  • "C" for Menu view cas.svg CAS View
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