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<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=4.0}}</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude>{{command|scripting}}
:Create a new [[Action_Objects#Input Boxes|Input Box]].
:Create a new [[Action_Objects#Textfield|textfield]].
;InputBox( <Linked Object> )
;Textfield[ <Linked Object> ]
:Create a new [[Action_Objects#Input Boxes|Input Box]] and associate a Linked Object with it.
:Create a new [[Action_Objects#Textfield|textfield]] and associate a Linked Object with it).  
{{note|See also [[File:Mode textfieldaction.svg|link=|23px]] [[Input Box Tool]].}}
{{warning|The Linked Object must be  [[Free, Dependent and Auxiliary Objects#Free Objects  |free]].}}
{{note|See also  [[Insert Text Tool]].}}

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