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Centro Babbage, the GeoGebra Institute of Argentine Republic (Spanish acronym: IG-Ar) was part of and supported GeoGebra Project since its very beginning and it was formally set up as IG-Ar in 2009, with the intervention of Markus Hohenwarter.

The GeoGebra Institute of Argentina was set up by the Centro de Investigación Babbage – a research and teachers training centre - , [ whose website] is up and running. It is plenty of educational content focusing on IT resources applied to teaching and linked to the teaching and learning process.
The material has been developed throughout thirty years, which has earned [ Centro Babbage] the prestige it has today in the field.

Being the official translators of GeoGebra manuals and programs,, several GeoGebra applications and documents are available in our website, this year towards and producing all of them for GeoGebra 4.2 and GeoGebra 5.0

Participantes - People

Liliana Saidon (chair person - directora))

Graciela Negro (mathematical tutor - tutora responsable de capacitación matemática)

Ana María de las Nieves Bianchetti (teaching assesor - asesora pedagógica)

Celia Nieto (English Language Assistant- Correctora de Inglés vinculada al CONICET – National Scientific and Technical Research Council)

Propósitos - Aims

1 - Training and Support - Capacitación, Desarrollo y Seguimiento de Proyectos

2 - Development and Sharing - Desenvolvimiento, Publicación y Divulgación

3 - Research and Collaboration - Investigación en Acuerdos Cooperativos Nacionales e Internacionales

4 - Translation of all GeoGebra materials, help, manual, new versions... including the GeoGebra 4.0 and GeoGebra 4.2 and GeoGebra 5 in every case!

Training and Support / Capacitación y Respaldo

A Permanent Task Delivered by Centro Babbage: “Cómo Buscarse un Buen Problema… ¡y liberarlo!”

2012 was am excellent year and images and photos show this better than thousand words.
2012 Profundiza.JPG

Universities all over the country were involved in coursewares

Seminarios 2012 II.JPG

3,000,000 nets in media schools with GeoGebra

All levels are engaged with our national Conectar Igualdad project and Centro Babbage is working with all of them.

Impulso I.JPG

Problems and Tutorials

We permanently invite teachers to send us curricular textual problems or good challenges presented in conventional format or in privately owned software for us to select which of them is more suitable to be sent back “translated” into a GeoGebra challenge.

Several of them (for instance, Aplicaciones de las Funciones) are selected to feed tutorials for every teacher all over the country and, even the world.

Translating Challenges

This “translation” gives every good problem selected a deeper and wider dimension and an experimental quality from the solving point of view.
This is done in a give and take process with the sender of the problem and, eventually, his or her students.

This task will culminate with a meeting in Calafate in September. There we expect to share all the production with teachers and students from all over the country.
We are currently working on an agreement with the universities of our Southern Patagonia and prospective publishers to support the event.

Forum / Foros

Liliana Saidon, IG-Ar Head, has been moderating the Spanish GeoGebra Forum for several years, since the forum starting point.

Training Activities / Actividades de Capacitación

Centro Babbage is a teachers training centre accredited before the National and Provincial Ministries of Education.

Our courses grant attendees credits for promotion in their teaching careers. Our blended 160 hour course “Resolución de Problemas Matemáticos en TICs - Escenarios Geométricos” uses GeoGebra as its backbone. Only in 2010, the course was attended by hundreds of teachers from all over our big country.
We had at least 30 initial hands-on workshops – face to face – in the different educational districts in Argentina.

The average number of participants was 40 teachers. During 2010, they worked on the nets delivered to teachers and students by the program Conectar Igualdad, on which GeoGebra had been installed.

This program reached every technical and / or middle public school all over the country. We are proud to inform that our more enthusiastic participants in these initial workshops were from the poorest areas in our country, serving students from poverty-stricken neighbourhoods.

GeoGebra opens a wiki-window for them so that they can get in touch with their peers and discuss math applications and solutions in their own country and all over the world.

The closing event of the course “Resolución de Problemas Matemáticos en TICs - Escenarios Geométricos” is a GeoGebra Meeting where everybody shares his or her production, selections, unsolved problems and successful tips.
Their experiences using GeoGebra and netbooks in class and as students’ homework resource are debated for the mutual benefit of all participants. Hurdles are a special focus of attention because the learning process is better achieved through dealing with mistakes.

Posición y Ubicación

Institución - Institution: Centro de Investigación Babbage (Centro de Investigación, Desarrollo, Educación y Capacitación Docente acreditado en Ciudad y Provincia de Buenos Aires y a nivel del Ministerio Nacional de Educación, Research and Educative Centre Certified by Buenos Aires Minister Education)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Centro Babbage mantiene acuerdos de trabajo en común y de colaboración con diversas universidades y centros educativos de nuestro país y mancomunadamente se suma a los numerosos eventos vinculados a la Educación Matemática, dándole un espacio central a la actualizacion disciplinar y didáctica con recursos como GeoGebra.

Para contar con nuestros Talleres mensuales y Jornadas de Capacitación en localidades que puedan abrir una sede adecuada, basta con que nos pongamos en contacto. ¡Los esperamos!

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Development and Sharing / Desarrollo y Cooperación

In our country, Math Olympics were traditionally supported by privately owned software.

We introduced GeoGebra in that area and we have been training the teachers and members of that competition in GeoGebra usage for that purpose.

We tend to believe that this change will enable the participation of schools without access to that expensive software.
The future is expecting us tor prove if we are actually right… we hope so!

GeoGebra Meetings in Argentina / Encuentros GeoGebra en Argentina

Held in every educational district, with the support of every General School Head Office and local Universities through agreements with Centro Babbage, the 2010 Meetings were attended by Math middle school and university teachers.

The last event of the year was attended by more than 120 teachers in Mendoza, using students’ netbooks and GeoGebra applications selected and / or developed for them with Centro Babbage support.

The main and first one was held in Mar del Plata, our main Atlantic coast city. It targeted teachers from the Teachers Training Tertiary Schools of Buenos Aires Province and hundreds of them attended the closing specialists’ panel. Liliana Saidon, Centro Babbage Head, was in charge of summarizing the contributions harvested during the Meeting and emphasized the importance of the next millions of netbooks distribution programs linked to teachers training future needs. To be sure, this was a very moving moment.

Research and Collaboration / Investigación y Colaboraciones

We, Centro Babbage Research and Development Team, have been working for three years with Luis Guillermo de La Rosa, from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – UNAM- in Mexico DF.

We are currently working on the GeoGebra applications in his website with the purpose of articulating the more convergent contents best suited to college level students’ needs.

Our ultimate goal is to set up a GeoGebra Institute targeting those level requirements.

The more original idea we area dealing with is how to put together massive Moodle style exercises and more open challenges in order to lure both students and teachers in the attractive world offered by GeoGebra experimental approach.

Our team has also been working with Colombian university teachers to organize a master degree linked to the design of applications in order to support the teaching of math through GeoGebra and other open resources.

We have already signed an agreement with Pereira University with such a goal in mind.

Publications / Publicaciones

Our twenty five years experience in this sort of development has enabled us to produce all the documentation, help, manual, website contents and program for Spanish GeoGebra versions as well as other IT resources –even on mobile phone math applications-.

Centro Babbage has published a number of books and articles in journals, many of which are freely available on PDF format at different educational website.

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