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The Menu view probability.svg Probability Calculator is one of GeoGebra's main perspectives. You may use it in order to calculate and graph probability distributions, as well as to conduct statistical tests.


Tab Distribution allows you to graph a variety of probability distributions. Just select the distribution you want to work with from the list available in the drop down menu (e.g. Normal, Binomial) and GeoGebra will graph it for you. Then, you may adjust the parameters of the distribution in the adjacent text boxes.

You may also use the buttons provided in order to change the appearance of the distribution:

  • Cumulative distribution.png Toggle between the probability density function and the cumulative distribution function of the distribution
  • Interval-left.png Interval-between.png Interval-right.png Modify your graph in order calculate a cumulative probability (e.g. P(x ≤ X), P(x ≥ X)). To calculate a probability select the interval type using the buttons provided. Then adjust the interval in the adjacent text boxes or drag the corresponding markers along the x-axis in the graph.

Probability Calculator: Tab Distribution

Probability Calculator Style Bar

The Probability Calculator Stylebar provides options to Normal-overlay.png overlay your distribution with the Normal Curve and to Export16.png export the graph.

Note: You may export your distribution as a picture file (.png), copy it to your computer's clipboard (GeoGebra Desktop) or copy it to the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View (GeoGebra Desktop).

Drag and Drop: In the GeoGebra Desktop Version, you may use Drag and Drop in order to transfer the plot of your distribution either to the Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View or to another application that will accept images. Just position the mouse at the top of the Menu view probability.svg Probability Calculator screen and the cursor will change to a hand cursor. This new cursor allows you to drag the plot into Menu view graphics.svg Graphics View 1 or 2 to create a new plot or to drag an image of the plot into another application.


Tab Statistics allows you to conduct a variety of statistical tests. Just select the test you want to work with from the list available in the drop down menu (e.g. Z Test of a Mean) and specify your Null Hypothesis, as well as your Alternative Hypothesis. Then, adjust the parameters of your test in the provided text boxes and GeoGebra will automatically provide the results of your statistical test.


Probability Calculator: Tab Statistics

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