FitSin Command

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FitSin( <List of Points> )
Calculates the regression curve in the form a + b sin (c x + d).
Example: FitSin({(1, 1), (2, 2), (3, 1), (4, 0), (5, 1), (6, 2)}) yields f(x) = 1 + 1 sin (1.57 x - 1.57).

  • The list should have at least four points, preferably more. The list should cover at least two extremal points. The first two local extremal points should not be too different from the absolute extremal points of the curve.
  • See also FitExp Command, FitLog Command, FitPoly Command and FitPow Command.
  • If you work with big/small numbers, you should consider normalizing them for a more accurate result, see Normalize Command.
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