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GeoGebraBooks are a great way to gather together a set of materials or worksheets that include GeoGebra figures. A GeoGebraBook contains chapters. Each chapter contains materials. To create a new GeoGebraBook, go to GeoGebra at and click on the button for "Create GeoGebraBook". Fill in the forms to create your book. You can always edit your GeoGebraBook. Find it on GeoGebra. Open it and press the "edit" link. You can add new chapter titles and new materials under the chapters. You can easily edit and rearrange. The materials have to be created first and stored on GeoGebra. To change details of materials in your book, go back to GeoGebra and edit the material. Your GeoGebraBooks will be listed on the GeoGebra search page. Tag it to make it easy to find. You might also want to tag each of the materials included in the book with a tag to identify it with the book. To share your GeoGebraBook, click on the "Share" button for the book. This will display a link that you can give people. The link will bring them right into your book in any browser. Then they can start using the GeoGebra in your materials. Example: Here is my first GeoGebraBook, a collection of 50 GeoGebra activities designed to introduce people to dynamic geometry, especially to techniques for designing geometric dependencies in GeoGebra:

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