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GeoGebra Manual

The official manual of GeoGebra.

Installation Guide
Free, Dependent and Auxiliary Objects
Geometric Objects
Points and Vectors
Lines and Axes
Conic sections
General Objects
Numbers and Angles
Boolean values
Complex Numbers
Action Objects
Selecting objects
Change Values
Naming Objects
Object Properties
Labels and Captions
Point Capturing
Advanced Features
Object Position
Conditional Visibility
Dynamic Colors
Movement Tools
Move Tool
Record to Spreadsheet Tool
Move around Point Tool
Point Tools
Point Tool
Attach / Detach Point Tool
Complex Number Tool
Point on Object Tool
Intersect Tool
Midpoint or Center Tool
Line Tools
Line Tool
Segment Tool
Segment with Given Length Tool
Ray Tool
Vector from Point Tool
Vector Tool
Special Line Tools
Best Fit Line Tool
Parallel Line Tool
Angle Bisector Tool
Perpendicular Line Tool
Tangents Tool
Polar or Diameter Line Tool
Perpendicular Bisector Tool
Locus Tool
Polygon Tools
Rigid Polygon Tool
Vector Polygon Tool
Polyline Tool
Regular Polygon Tool
Polygon Tool
Circle & Arc Tools
Circle with Center and Radius Tool
Circle through 3 Points Tool
Circle with Center through Point Tool
Circumcircular Arc Tool
Circumcircular Sector Tool
Compass Tool
Circular Sector Tool
Semicircle through 2 Points Tool
Circular Arc Tool
Conic Section Tools
Ellipse Tool
Hyperbola Tool
Conic through 5 Points Tool
Parabola Tool
Measurement Tools
Distance or Length Tool
Angle Tool
Slope Tool
Area Tool
Angle with Given Size Tool
Transformation Tools
Translate by Vector Tool
Reflect about Line Tool
Reflect about Point Tool
Rotate around Point Tool
Reflect about Circle Tool
Dilate from Point Tool
Special Object Tools
Freehand Shape Tool
Image Tool
Pen Tool
Slider Tool
Relation Tool
Function Inspector Tool
Text Tool
Action Object Tools
Check Box Tool
Input Box Tool
Button Tool
General Tools
Custom Tools
Show / Hide Label Tool
Zoom Out Tool
Zoom In Tool
Delete Tool
Move Graphics View Tool
Show / Hide Object Tool
Copy Visual Style Tool
CAS Tools
Derivative Tool
Evaluate Tool
Expand Tool
Factor Tool
Integral Tool
Keep Input Tool
Numeric Tool
Solve Tool
Solve Numerically Tool
Substitute Tool
Spreadsheet Tools
One Variable Analysis Tool
Multiple Variable Analysis Tool
Two Variable Regression Analysis Tool
Count Tool
Maximum Tool
Minimum Tool
Mean Tool
List Tool
List of Points Tool
Matrix Tool
Sum Tool
Table Tool
3D Graphics Tools
Rotate 3D Graphics View Tool
Rotate around Line Tool
Plane Tool
Plane through 3 Points Tool
View in front of Tool
Cone Tool
Circle with Axis through Point Tool
Circle with Center, Radius and Direction Tool
Sphere with Center through Point Tool
Sphere with Center and Radius Tool
Volume Tool
Cube Tool
Extrude to Prism or Cylinder Tool
Extrude to Pyramid or Cone Tool
Cylinder Tool
Intersect Two Surfaces Tool
Reflect about Plane Tool
Net Tool
Perpendicular Plane Tool
Parallel Plane Tool
Prism Tool
Pyramid Tool
Regular Tetrahedron Tool
Geometry Commands
AffineRatio Command
Angle Command
AngleBisector Command
Arc Command
Area Command
AreEqual Command
AreCollinear Command
AreConcyclic Command
AreCongruent Command
AreConcurrent Command
ArePerpendicular Command
AreParallel Command
Barycenter Command
Centroid Command
CircularArc Command
CircularSector Command
CircumcircularArc Command
CircumcircularSector Command
Circumference Command
ClosestPoint Command
CrossRatio Command
Cubic Command
Direction Command
Distance Command
Envelope Command
Intersect Command
IntersectPath Command
Length Command
Line Command
PerpendicularBisector Command
Locus Command
LocusEquation Command
Midpoint Command
PerpendicularLine Command
Perimeter Command
Point Command
PointIn Command
Polyline Command
Polygon Command
Prove Command
ProveDetails Command
Radius Command
Ray Command
RigidPolygon Command
Sector Command
Segment Command
Slope Command
Tangent Command
Vertex Command
TriangleCurve Command
TriangleCenter Command
Trilinear Command
Algebra Commands
Div Command
Expand Command
Factor Command
FromBase Command
IFactor Command
GCD Command
LCM Command
Max Command
Min Command
Mod Command
PrimeFactors Command
Simplify Command
ToBase Command
Text Commands
ContinuedFraction Command
FractionText Command
FormulaText Command
LetterToUnicode Command
Ordinal Command
RotateText Command
ScientificText Command
SurdText Command
TableText Command
Text Command
TextToUnicode Command
UnicodeToLetter Command
UnicodeToText Command
VerticalText Command
Logic Commands
CountIf Command
IsDefined Command
If Command
IsInRegion Command
IsInteger Command
KeepIf Command
Relation Command
Financial Commands
FutureValue Command
Payment Command
Periods Command
PresentValue Command
Rate Command
Functions & Calculus Commands
Asymptote Command
Coefficients Command
CompleteSquare Command
ComplexRoot Command
Curvature Command
CurvatureVector Command
Curve Command
Degree Command
Denominator Command
Derivative Command
Extremum Command
Factors Command
Function Command
ImplicitCurve Command
Integral Command
IntegralBetween Command
Iteration Command
IterationList Command
LeftSum Command
Limit Command
LimitAbove Command
LimitBelow Command
LowerSum Command
NSolveODE Command
Numerator Command
OsculatingCircle Command
ParametricDerivative Command
PartialFractions Command
PathParameter Command
Polynomial Command
RectangleSum Command
Root Command
RootList Command
Roots Command
SlopeField Command
SolveODE Command
Spline Command
TaylorPolynomial Command
TrapezoidalSum Command
TrigExpand Command
TrigCombine Command
TrigSimplify Command
InflectionPoint Command
UpperSum Command
Conic Commands
Axes Command
Center Command
Circle Command
Conic Command
ConjugateDiameter Command
Directrix Command
Eccentricity Command
Ellipse Command
LinearEccentricity Command
MajorAxis Command
SemiMajorAxisLength Command
Focus Command
Hyperbola Command
Incircle Command
Parabola Command
Parameter Command
Polar Command
MinorAxis Command
SemiMinorAxisLength Command
Semicircle Command
List Commands
Append Command
Element Command
Flatten Command
First Command
IndexOf Command
Insert Command
Intersection Command
Join Command
Last Command
OrdinalRank Command
PointList Command
Product Command
RandomElement Command
Remove Command
RemoveUndefined Command
Reverse Command
SelectedElement Command
SelectedIndex Command
Sequence Command
Sort Command
Take Command
TiedRank Command
Union Command
Unique Command
Zip Command
Vector & Matrix Commands
ApplyMatrix Command
Determinant Command
Identity Command
Invert Command
PerpendicularVector Command
ReducedRowEchelonForm Command
Transpose Command
UnitPerpendicularVector Command
UnitVector Command
Vector Command
Transformation Commands
AttachCopyToView Command
Dilate Command
Reflect Command
Rotate Command
Shear Command
Stretch Command
Translate Command
Chart Commands
BarChart Command
BoxPlot Command
ContingencyTable Command
DotPlot Command
FrequencyPolygon Command
Histogram Command
HistogramRight Command
NormalQuantilePlot Command
ResidualPlot Command
StemPlot Command
StepGraph Command
StickGraph Command
Statistics Commands
ANOVA Command
Classes Command
CorrelationCoefficient Command
Covariance Command
Fit Command
FitExp Command
FitGrowth Command
FitImplicit Command
FitLineX Command
FitLine Command
FitLog Command
FitLogistic Command
FitPoly Command
FitPow Command
FitSin Command
Frequency Command
FrequencyTable Command
GeometricMean Command
HarmonicMean Command
Mean Command
MeanX Command
MeanY Command
Median Command
Mode Command
Normalize Command
Percentile Command
Q1 Command
Q3 Command
RSquare Command
RootMeanSquare Command
SD Command
SDX Command
SDY Command
Sxx Command
Sxy Command
Syy Command
Sample Command
SampleSD Command
SampleSDX Command
SampleSDY Command
SampleVariance Command
Shuffle Command
SigmaXX Command
SigmaXY Command
SigmaYY Command
Spearman Command
Sum Command
SumSquaredErrors Command
TMean2Estimate Command
TMeanEstimate Command
TTest Command
TTest2 Command
TTestPaired Command
Variance Command
Probability Commands
Bernoulli Command
BinomialCoefficient Command
BinomialDist Command
Cauchy Command
ChiSquared Command
ChiSquaredTest Command
Erlang Command
Exponential Command
FDistribution Command
Gamma Command
HyperGeometric Command
InverseBinomial Command
InverseCauchy Command
InverseChiSquared Command
InverseExponential Command
InverseFDistribution Command
InverseGamma Command
InverseHyperGeometric Command
InverseLogNormal Command
InverseLogistic Command
InverseNormal Command
InversePascal Command
InversePoisson Command
InverseTDistribution Command
InverseWeibull Command
InverseZipf Command
LogNormal Command
Logistic Command
Normal Command
Pascal Command
Poisson Command
RandomBetween Command
RandomBinomial Command
RandomNormal Command
RandomPoisson Command
RandomUniform Command
TDistribution Command
Triangular Command
Uniform Command
Weibull Command
Zipf Command
ZMean2Estimate Command
ZMean2Test Command
ZProportion2Estimate Command
ZProportion2Test Command
ZProportionEstimate Command
ZProportionTest Command
ZMeanEstimate Command
ZMeanTest Command
Spreadsheet Commands
Cell Command
CellRange Command
Column Command
ColumnName Command
FillCells Command
FillColumn Command
FillRow Command
Row Command
Scripting Commands
Button Command
CenterView Command
Checkbox Command
CopyFreeObject Command
Delete Command
Execute Command
GetTime Command
HideLayer Command
Pan Command
ParseToFunction Command
ParseToNumber Command
Repeat Command
PlaySound Command
Rename Command
RunClickScript Command
RunUpdateScript Command
Turtle Command
TurtleLeft Command
TurtleUp Command
TurtleRight Command
TurtleDown Command
TurtleForward Command
TurtleBack Command
SelectObjects Command
SetActiveView Command
SetAxesRatio Command
SetBackgroundColor Command
SetCaption Command
SetColor Command
SetConditionToShowObject Command
SetCoords Command
SetDynamicColor Command
SetFilling Command
SetFixed Command
SetLabelMode Command
SetLayer Command
SetLineStyle Command
SetLineThickness Command
SetPointSize Command
SetPointStyle Command
SetTooltipMode Command
SetValue Command
SetVisibleInView Command
SetViewDirection Command
SetSpinSpeed Command
SetPerspective Command
SetSeed Command
SetTrace Command
ShowAxes Command
ShowGrid Command
ShowLabel Command
ShowLayer Command
Slider Command
StartAnimation Command
StartLogging Command
StopLogging Command
StartRecord Command
InputBox Command
UpdateConstruction Command
ZoomIn Command
ZoomOut Command
Discrete Math Commands
ConvexHull Command
DelaunayTriangulation Command
Hull Command
MinimumSpanningTree Command
ShortestDistance Command
TravelingSalesman Command
Voronoi Command
GeoGebra Commands
AxisStepX Command
AxisStepY Command
ClosestPointRegion Command
ConstructionStep Command
Corner Command
DynamicCoordinates Command
Name Command
Object Command
SlowPlot Command
ToolImage Command
Optimization Commands
Maximize Command
Minimize Command
CAS Specific Commands
CFactor Command
CIFactor Command
CSolutions Command
CSolve Command
CommonDenominator Command
Cross Command
Dimension Command
Division Command
Divisors Command
DivisorsList Command
DivisorsSum Command
Dot Command
Eliminate Command
GroebnerDegRevLex Command
GroebnerLex Command
GroebnerLexDeg Command
ImplicitDerivative Command
InverseLaplace Command
IsPrime Command
Laplace Command
LeftSide Command
MatrixRank Command
MixedNumber Command
NIntegral Command
NSolutions Command
NSolve Command
NextPrime Command
Numeric Command
PreviousPrime Command
RandomPolynomial Command
Rationalize Command
RightSide Command
Solutions Command
Solve Command
SolveCubic Command
Substitute Command
ToComplex Command
ToExponential Command
ToPoint Command
ToPolar Command
nPr Command
3D Commands
Plane Command
Cone Command
Height Command
Sphere Command
Net Command
Top Command
Surface Command
Octahedron Command
InfiniteCone Command
InfiniteCylinder Command
IntersectConic Command
Side Command
PerpendicularPlane Command
Polyhedron Command
Prism Command
Dodecahedron Command
Icosahedron Command
Tetrahedron Command
Bottom Command
Volume Command
Cube Command
Cylinder Command
Pyramid Command
Ends Command
PlaneBisector Command
Predefined Functions and Operators
Imaginary Function
FractionalPart Function
Nroot Function
Real Function
User interface
Graphics View
Customizing the Graphics View
Algebra View
Spreadsheet View
CAS View
Probability Calculator
3D Graphics View
Construction Protocol
Input Bar
Style Bar
Navigation Bar
File Menu
Edit Menu
View Menu
Options Menu
Tools Menu
Window Menu
Help Menu
Context Menu
Customize the Settings
Export Graphics Dialog
Export Worksheet Dialog
Properties Dialog
Redefine Dialog
Tool Creation Dialog
Keyboard Shortcuts
Settings Dialog
Virtual Keyboard
Tool Manager Dialog
Open Dialog - Insert File
Open Dialog - Style Templates
Creating Pictures of the Graphics View
Embedding in Webpages
Embedding to CMS, VLE (Moodle) and Wiki
Export to LaTeX (PGF, PSTricks) and Asymptote
Printing Options
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