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On this page you will find specific tips on how to use GeoGebra that might not be covered in our introductory materials or the user manual.

List of Tips =

Share Your Own Tips

You can share your own tips by creating a new page with "Wskazówki:" as a prefix of the page name, e.g. "Wskazówki:Liczby zespolone" and add your tip as a content. Here are some suggestions for writing new tips:

  • Keep it very short and simple ;-)
  • Be specific: use specific numbers, functions, etc. in your examples instead of variables or placeholders.
  • Don't explain the syntax of a command but just add a link to the manual. See Wskazówki:Liczby zespolone for an example.
  • Emphasize GeoGebra commands like Function[f,-2,2] by putting the text bewetten <code> and </code> tags

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