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Following document was generated by a modification of xs3p stylesheet. It contains definitions of tags used in geogebra_macro.xml, which is the most important part of .ggt files. For a brief introduction see XML reference.

Global Declarations

Element: geogebra

XML Instance Representation
format="xs:double [0..1]"
<macro> ... </macro> [1..*]

Element: macro

XML Instance Representation
cmdName="xs:string [0..1]"
toolName="xs:string [0..1]"
toolHelp="xs:string [0..1]"
iconFile="xs:string [0..1]"
showInToolBar="xs:boolean [0..1]"
<macroInput> ioType </macroInput> [1]
<macroOutput> ioType </macroOutput> [1]

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