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This page lists all parameters that can be used to configure GeoGebra Apps. Please see GeoGebra Apps Embedding to learn how to embed GeoGebra apps into your pages and where these parameters can be used.

Name Value Description Since
appName eg "graphing" app name, default: "classic"

"graphing" ... GeoGebra Graphing Calculator
"geometry" ... GeoGebra Geometry
"3d" ... GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator
"classic" ... GeoGebra Classic
"suite" ... GeoGebra Calculator Suite
"evaluator" ... Equation Editor
"scientific" ... Scientific Calculator
"notes" ... GeoGebra Notes

width eg 800 Applet width (compulsory field unless using scaleContainerClass)
height eg 600 Applet height (compulsory field unless using scaleContainerClass)
material_id eg "RHYH3UQ8" GeoGebra Materials id to load

See first applet here:

filename eg "myFile.ggb" URL of file to load

See second applet here:

ggbBase64 base64 encoded .ggb file Encoded file to load.

See the applet here:

borderColor e.g. #FFFFFF for white Color of the border line drawn around the applet panel (as hex rgb string). Default: gray 3.0
borderRadius number Size of applet's border radius in pixels. 6.0
enableRightClick true or false States whether right clicks should be handled by the applet. Setting this parameter to "false" disables context menus, properties dialogs and right-click-zooming. Default: true. NB also enables/disables some keyboard shortcuts eg Delete and Ctrl + R (recompute all objects). Default: true 3.0
enableLabelDrags true or false States whether labels can be dragged. Default: true 3.2
enableShiftDragZoom true or false States whether the Graphics View(s) should be moveable using Shift + mouse drag (or. Ctrl + mouse drag) or zoomable using Shift + mouse wheel (or Ctrl + mouse wheel). Setting this parameter to "false" disables moving and zooming of the drawing pad. Default: true 3.0
showZoomButtons true or false States whether the zoom in / zoom out / home buttons should be shown in the Graphics View or not. Default: false 6.0
errorDialogsActive true or false States whether error dialogs will be shown if an invalid input is entered (using the Input Bar or JavaScript) Default: true 3.2
showMenuBar true or false States whether the menubar of GeoGebra should be shown in the applet. Default: false 2.5
showToolBar true or false States whether the toolbar with the construction mode buttons should be shown in the applet. Default: false 2.5
showToolBarHelp true or false States whether the toolbar help text right to the toolbar buttons should be shown in the applet 3.0
customToolBar e.g. 0 1 2 3 , 4 5 6 7 Sets the toolbar according to a custom toolbar string where the int values are Toolbar Mode Values, , adds a separator within a menu, | starts a new menu and || adds a separator in the toolbar before starting a new menu. This will override the saved toolbar from the .ggb file / base64 string. Custom tools are numbered 100 001, 100 002, etc 2.5
showAlgebraInput true or false States whether the algebra input line (with input field, greek letters and command list) should be shown in the applet. Default: false 2.5
showResetIcon true or false States whether a small icon (GeoGebra ellipse) should be shown in the upper right corner of the applet. Clicking on this icon resets the applet (i.e. it reloads the file given in the filename parameter). Default: false 2.5
language iso language string GeoGebra tries to set your local language automatically (if it is available among the supported languages, of course). The default language for unsupported languages is English. If you want to specify a certain language manually, please use this parameter. 2.5
country iso country string, e.g. AT for Austria This parameter only makes sense if you use it together with the language parameter. 2.5
id eg applet2 This parameter allows you to specify the argument passed to the JavaScript function ggbOnInit(), which is called once the applet is fully initialised. This is useful when you have multiple applets on a page - see this example (will have no effect in earlier versions) 3.2
allowStyleBar true or false Determines whether the Style Bar can be shown (or will be shown if just Graphics View 1 is showing)
Default: false
randomize true or false Determines whether random numbers should be randomized on file load. Useful when you want the app to reload in exactly the same state it was saved.
Default: true
randomSeed eg "randomSeed":33 Specify seed for random numbers. Note that if you save a state of the app after user interacted with it and try to reload that state with the same randomSeed, you may get a different result. Use randomize for those use-cases. 5.0
appletOnLoad eg function(api){ api.evalCommand('Segment((1,2),(3,4))'); } JavaScript method to run when the activity is initialized (and file loaded if applicable) 5.0
useBrowserForJS true or false When true, GeoGebra
  • runs ggbOnInit from HTML
  • ignores ggbOnInit from file
  • ignores JS update scripts of objects in file

When false, GeoGebra:

  • ignores ggbOnInit from HTML (use appletOnLoad parameter of GGBApplet instead)
  • runs ggbOnInit from file
  • runs JS update scripts of objects in file

Default: false

showLogging true or false Determines whether logging is shown in the Browser's console
Default: false
capturingThreshold integer Determines the sensitivity of object selection. The default value of 3 is usually fine to select and drag objects both with the mouse and touch. Use larger values (e.g. 4 or 5) to make it easier to select and drag objects.
Default: 3
enableFileFeatures true or false Determines whether file saving, file loading, sign in and Options > Save settings are enabled. This argument is ignored when menubar is not showing.
Default: true
enableUndoRedo true or false Determines whether Undo and Redo icons are shown. This argument is ignored when toolbar is not showing.
Default: true
perspective string For values see SetPerspective_Command. Just for a blank start ie shouldn't be used with material_id, filename or ggbBase64 parameters 5.0
enable3d true or false or none Whether 3D should be enabled (for exam mode). When neither true nor false are entered, user can decide in a dialog. 5.0
enableCAS true or false or none Whether CAS should be enabled (for exam mode). When neither true nor false are entered, user can decide in a dialog. 5.0
algebraInputPosition algebra, top or bottom Determines whether input bar should be shown in algebra, on top of the applet or under the applet. When left empty (default), the position depends on file. 5.0
preventFocus true or false When set to true, this prevents the applet from getting focus automatically at the start.
Default: false
scaleContainerClass String Name of CSS class that is used as container; applet will scale to fit into the container. 5.0
autoHeight boolean true to restrict the width of the applet and compute height automatically, add autoHeight:true
falseif you want the applet to be restricted by both width and height of the container
allowUpscale true or false Determines whether automatic scaling may scale the applet up
Default: false
playButton true or false Determines whether a preview image and a play button should be rendered in place of the applet. Pushing the play button initializes the applet.
Default: false
scale number Ratio by which the applet should be scaled (eg. 2 makes the applet 2 times bigger, including all texts and UI elements).
Default: 1
showAnimationButton true or false Whether animation button should be visible 5.0
showFullscreenButton true or false Whether fullscreen button should be visible 6.0
showSuggestionButtons true or false Whether suggestion buttons (special points, solve) in Algebra View should be visible 6.0
showStartTooltip true or false Whether "Welcome" tooltip should be shown 5.0
rounding string String composed of number of decimal places and flags -- valid flags are "s" for significant digits and "r" for rational numbers. Hence "10" means 10 decimal places, "10s" stands for 10 significant digits. 6.0
buttonShadows true or false Whether buttons should have shadow 6.0
buttonRounding Number (0 - 0.9) Relative radius of button's rounded border. The border radius in pixels is buttonRounding * height /2, where height is the height of the button. Default 0.2. 6.0
buttonBorderColor Hex color (#RGB, #RGBA, #RRGGBB or #RRGGBBAA) Border color of buttons on the graphics view. Default is black, if the button background is white, otherwise one shade darker than the background color 6.0
editorBackgroundColor Hex color Background color of the evaluator app 6.0
editorForegroundColor Hex color Foreground (text) color of the equation editor (appname = "evaluator") 6.0
textmode true or false Whether editor is in text mode or not (appname = "evaluator")
Default: false
showKeyboardOnFocus "false"|"true"|"auto" Whether to show keyboard when input is focused. When set to true, keyboard is always shown, for false it never appears, for auto it's shown unless closed by user.
Default: true in evaluator app, auto in other apps
keyboardType "scientific"|"normal"|"notes" Which keyboard is shown for equation editor (appname = "evaluator") 6.0
transparentGraphics true or false Whether the Graphics View and Graphics View 2 should be transparent 6.0
disableJavaScript true or false Whether running JavaScript from material files is disabled or not. 6.0
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