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GeoGebra manual consists of two components

Manual namespace
Official manual pages that are meant for translation. Their content is created by several users and supervised by developers. You need to ask for the right to edit these pages at GeoGebraWiki_Talk:Village Pump.
Public space manual
Anybody can contribute to this manual. The Manual namespace page is included into the public one, so all official information is both. Source of each such page begins with <!-- DO NOT EDIT -->{{:Manual:{{PAGENAME}}}}<!-- END: DO NOT EDIT -->.
Example: There is page Manual:New Point Tool, which is included into New Point Tool.


  1. Everybody is welcome to contribute to the public space manual
  2. Some volunteers for manual namespace are also welcome.

How to contribute to public space manual

  1. You will need account on this wiki. There is no way to transfer accounts from old wiki.
  2. Make sure that your planned contribution is specific for one command / feature. Otherwise consider creating a tutorial.
  3. Use the Edit link of page you want to edit.
  4. To make wiki more usable, use links where it is suitable.
  5. For writing your contribution use the wiki syntax (see Help:Contents) and suitable templates. Please have a look at Category:Markup templates.
  6. If you think that some content is badly formated, written in poor English, worth deleting/merging and you don't have time or skill to fix it, please use suitable Category:Message templates to inform about it. Don't use the generic mbox template.

How to contribute to manual namespace

  1. Ask at GeoGebraWiki_Talk:Village Pump for the rights.
  2. Use the conventions mentioned for the public space
  3. Each Manual namespace page has an info template. Before editing the template inclusion please read the template's documentation (you shouldn't need to do it though).
  4. If you want some changes to be done in info templates themselves, use talk page of that template.
  5. Missing pages are listed in Category:Unfinished (4.0)

Common Problems


... tags do not work in pages which are part of the manual namespace. Please use ... or \[ ... \] to indicate inline or block equations as a replacement.

LaTeX code containing {{ or }} is not working in some situations (e.g. in examples or notes). Replace { with &#123; and } with &#125; to solve the issue. For example: \frac{\sqrt{x^2}}{2} contains }} and is therefore not working in examples, whereas \frac{\sqrt{x^2}&#125;{2} is working. (It's sufficient to replace a single curly bracket as there is no {{ or }} in the equation afterwards.)

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