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Clicking on this tool opens a dialog for calculating and graphing probability distributions.

  • To change a distribution click on the distribution drop down menu and choose a one from the list. Then adjust the parameters for the distribution in the adjacent text boxes.
  • To calculate a probability click on the probability drop down menu and select the interval type. Then adjust the interval in the adjacent text boxes. You can also find probabilities by moving the points on the x-axis in the graph.


The probability calculator has a stylebar with options to change settings and export the graph. To open the style bar, click on the open button in the title bar or double click the title bar. From the style bar you can change the decimal rounding format, use cumulative probability and export the graphics.

Drag and Drop

When the mouse is positioned at the top of the graphics screen the cursor will change to a hand cursor. From here you can drag the plot into GraphicsView 1 or 2 to create a new plot or you can drag an image of the plot into another application that will accept images.


Short screencast on tool usage

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