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In GeoGebra you can write formulas as well. To do so, check the box LaTeX formula in the dialog window of the Tool Insert Text.gifInsert Text Tool and enter your formula in LaTeX syntax.

備註: In order to create text that contains a LaTeX formula as well as static text you may enter the static part of the text and then add the LaTeX formula in between a set of dollar symbols ($).
範例: The length of the diagonal is $\sqrt{ 2 }$.

You can select the syntax for common formula symbols from the drop-down menu next to the LaTeX checkbox. This inserts the corresponding LaTeX code into the text field and places the cursor in between a set of curly brackets. The Symbols drop-down menu contains a list of common math symbols, Greek letters and operators. If you would like to create dynamic text within the formula, you need to select the relating objects from the Objects drop-down list, causing GeoGebra to insert their names as well as the syntax for mixed text.

Some important LaTeX commands are explained in following table. Please have a look at any LaTeX documentation for further information.

LaTeX input Result
a \cdot b a \cdot b
\frac{a}{b} \frac{a}{b}
\sqrt{x} \sqrt{x}
\sqrt[n]{x} \sqrt[n]{x}
\vec{v} \vec{v}
\overline{AB} \overline{AB}
x^{2} x^{2}
a_{1} a_{1}
\sin\alpha + \cos\beta \sin\alpha + \cos\beta
\int_{a}^{b} x dx \int_{a}^{b} x dx
\sum_{i=1}^{n} i^2 \sum_{i=1}^{n} i^2

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