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What is GeoGebra

GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. It is developed for learning and teaching mathematics in schools by Markus Hohenwarter and an international team of programmers. This manual covers the current version (4.0). GeoGebra is backward compatible with all previous versions, despite small differences.

Install GeoGebra

The Návod na inštaláciu will help you with installation and system integration of GeoGebra in various operating systems.

Create dynamic constructions

Constructions in GeoGebra consist of mathematical objects of several types which can be created using tools or commands. The tutorials may guide you through your first constructions.

Get to grips with GeoGebra's user interface

The main window is divided to Vzhľady. By default Algebraický vzhľad is displayed on the left side and Grafický režim on the right. Above these views there is a Menu and Paleta nástrojov, underneath Navigačná lišta can be placed. Many features of GeoGebra can be accessed via Klávesové skratky. GeoGebra also includes accessibility features such as Virtuálna klávesnica.

Publish your work

When the construction is finished, you can

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