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Pagina di servizio per il wiki Italiano / Italian Wiki - Service Page

New WebSite Issues and suggestions (English and Italian section)

EN=English IT=Italian

  • it is not clear if the page contents in Italian are correct. In all the other languages I see ggb Blog, in the Italian page there is the description of IGI Turin
  • if Igi Turin is ok as a content, it contains a link to that redirects to the home page. IMHO It's just enough to delete the link.
  • EN, IT, Get Involved page : the link "GeoGebra contributor" does not point to a different page (perhaps GGBTube?)
  • EN, IT, if you create a new thread or post in the Forum page, the Edit post page appears incomplete (emoticons are shown as ascii, and colors section displays the colors numbers)

Bottom menu

  • IT,EN, the "Institute" link points to
  • IT,EN, the "Privacy" link points to
  • ipad, the "Contact us" section shifts under the 1st column (GeoGebra-About, etc). This happens in the site pages but doesn't in wiki pages, where that section is correctly placed at bottom right. Perhaps it's enough to insert a carriage return after the street address, and move the city down one line to view that section in its place on every device.

No Math Rendering

\; is not allowed now in wiki LaTeX ? - @Noel, it seems so. Also parenthesis \left( and \right) seem not to be well accepted by the new interface

Note sui formati

Comandi non documentati - Undocumented commands

Dubbi su descrizione/funzionamento comandi: Doubts on command syntaxes

Da fare - ToDo

Wip Simona

About links

In case you want to fix the wikipedia links, add it: into the link, e.g. [[w:it:Numero primo|primi]] In case some page links to a reference page like en:Reference:Colors you don't want to translate, use [[en:Reference:Colors|colore]] --Kondr 11:52, 22 May 2011 (CEST)

It should work if you use a colon before the language prefix, e.g. [[:en:Reference:Colors|colore]]. I've used this syntax in other pages and it's actually working. --Mathmum 11:33, 29 May 2011 (CEST)

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