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Pagina di servizio per il wiki Italiano / Italian Wiki - Service Page

New WebSite Issues and suggestions (English and Italian section)

EN=English IT=Italian

  • it is not clear if the page contents in Italian are correct. In all the other languages I see ggb Blog, in the Italian page there is the description of IGI Turin
  • if Igi Turin is ok as a content, it contains a link to that redirects to the home page. IMHO It's just enough to delete the link.
  • EN, IT, Get Involved page : the link "GeoGebra contributor" does not point to a different page (perhaps GGBTube?)
  • EN, IT, if you create a new thread or post in the Forum page, the Edit post page appears incomplete (emoticons are shown as ascii, and colors section displays the colors numbers)

Bottom menu

  • IT,EN, the "Institute" link points to
  • IT,EN, the "Privacy" link points to
  • ipad, the "Contact us" section shifts under the 1st column (GeoGebra-About, etc). This happens in the site pages but doesn't in wiki pages, where that section is correctly placed at bottom right. Perhaps it's enough to insert a carriage return after the street address, and move the city down one line to view that section in its place on every device.

No Math Rendering

Note sui formati

Comandi non documentati - Undocumented commands

Dubbi su descrizione/funzionamento comandi: Doubts on command syntaxes

Da fare - ToDo

Wip Simona

About links

In case you want to fix the wikipedia links, add it: into the link, e.g. [[w:it:Numero primo|primi]] In case some page links to a reference page like en:Reference:Colors you don't want to translate, use [[en:Reference:Colors|colore]] --Kondr 11:52, 22 May 2011 (CEST)

It should work if you use a colon before the language prefix, e.g. [[:en:Reference:Colors|colore]]. I've used this syntax in other pages and it's actually working. --Mathmum 11:33, 29 May 2011 (CEST)

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