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==Links  to add (Spanish translator is not allowed to add links)==
==Links  to add (Liliana - Spanish)==
*[[:es:Tutoriales de Administración]] ---> [[:en:Tutorials for Administrators]]
*[[:es:Tutoriales para Expertos]] --> [[:en:Tutorials for Experts]] and several other Tutorials
*[[:es:Referencia:Instalación_de_GeoGebra]] --> [[:en:Reference:GeoGebra Installation]]
*[[:es:Referencia:Instalaciones_en_masa]] -->  [[:en:Reference:GeoGebra Mass Installation]] and several other References
*[[:es:Tutorial:Funciones_y_Subrutinas]] --> [[:en:Tutorial:Scripting:Functions and subroutines]] and several other links
**----- Please type here the link to be added, e.g.  --- *http://wiki.geogebra.org/en/SolveQuartic_Command  -> http://wiki.geogebra.org/es/Comando_ResuelveCu%C3%A1rtica --- Thanks LMS

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Links to add (Liliana - Spanish)

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