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Tips and Tricks

  • Name a new object by typing name = into the input bar in front of its algebraic representation.
    Exemple: P = (3, 2) creates point P.
  • Multiplication needs to be entered using an asterisk or space between the factors.
    Exemple: a*x or a x
  • GeoGebra is case sensitive! Thus, upper and lower case letters must not be mixed up.
    • Points are always named with upper case letters
      Exemple: A = (1, 2)
    • Vectors are named with lower case letters
      Exemple: v = (1, 3)
    • Segments, lines, circles, functions… are always named with lower case letters.
      Exemple: circle c: (x – 2)^2 + (y – 1)^2 = 16
    • The variable x within a function and the variables x and y in the equation of a conic section always need to be lower case.
      Exemple: f(x) = 3*x + 2
  • If you want to use an object within an algebraic expression or command you need to create the object prior to using its name in the input bar.
    • y = m x + b creates a line whose parameters are already existing values m and b (e.g. numbers / sliders).
    • Line[A, B] creates a line through existing points A and B.
  • Confirm an expression you entered into the input bar by pressing the Enter key.
  • Open the help window for using the input bar and commands by selecting Help from the Help Menu (or shortcut F1).
  • Error messages: Always read the messages – they could possibly help to fix the problem!
  • Commands can be typed in or selected from the list next to the Input Bar.
    Note Hint: If you don’t know which parameters are required within the brackets of a certain command, type in the full command name and press key F1 to open the GeoGebra Wiki.
  • Automatic completion of commands: After typing in the first two letters of a command into the Input Bar, GeoGebra tries to complete the command.
    • If GeoGebra suggests the desired command, hit the Enter key in order to place the cursor within the brackets.
    • If the suggested command is not the one you wanted to enter, just keep typing until the suggestion matches.
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