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<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=4.2}}</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude>
{{Tool|icon=Tool Zoom In.gif|name={{PAGENAME}}|type=general}}
{{Tool|icon=Mode zoomin.svg|name={{PAGENAME}}|type=general}}
: Click on any place on the drawing pad to zoom in (also see section [[Customizing the Graphics View]]).  
: Click on any place in the [[File:Menu view graphics.svg|link=|16px]] [[Graphics View]] to zoom in.  
: {{Notes|1=
: {{Notes|1=
:*The position of your click determines the center of zoom
:*The position of your click determines the center of zoom.
:*See also [[ZoomIn Command|ZoomIn]] command
:*See also [[ZoomIn Command|ZoomIn]] command.
:*See also [[File:Tool_Zoom_Out.gif]] [[Zoom_Out Tool|Zoom Out]] tool.}}
:*See also [[File:Mode zoomout.svg|link=|22px]] [[Zoom_Out Tool|Zoom Out]] tool.
:*See also the section [[Customizing the Graphics View]].}}

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