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Embedding static pictures created by GeoGebra into your presentations is easy. Save your construction as image then insert it into Powerpoint / Impress / LaTeX presentation. The dialog for graphics export is accessible via Export submenu of File Menu (item Image-x-generic.png Graphics View as Picture (png, eps)….) See Creating_Pictures_of_the_Graphics_View for details.

If you want to use dynamic worksheet in your presentation, the situation is more complicated. You have several options:

  • have both PDF viewer and GeoGebra open and switch between those using Alt + Tab
  • rely just on GeoGebra worksheets; note that you can insert text into the worksheets using Insert Text Tool.
Note Hint: Ctrl + Shift + N switches to next GeoGebra window or opens next file in the same folder
  • use HTML presentation rather than .ppt or .pdf. There are some presentation formats based on HTML (eg S5 slideshow), but exporting multiple files from GeoGebra as dynamic worksheets with option Linked files checked may also do.

Materials List

  • have two or more browsers available
  • have a back-up available on USB stick/CD-ROM (computers do crash/break/lost)
  • have GeoGebra portable on USB stick/CD-ROM
  • have handout available in pdf format for those that prefer to save trees
  • I use business cards to list important information like web sites and contact information

Generic advice

  • Ideally you have the Internet, for Internet based files, still load all web pages (using a tabbed browser) prior to going into meeting. This will save a lot of time.
  • No Internet, I do exactly the same as above, most files will be fine.
  • Have all HTML files in one folder on desk top, linked to run from that folder.
  • Non-Internet files in one main folder on the desktop.
  • If you have GGB files, open all before enter the talk. Do not waste time loading during you talk. Know where everything is by using descriptive file names.
  • Follow the K.I.S.S. Rule...Keep It Simple and Short, this way you can allow for questions.
  • Practice at least once with all required files, before the meeting.
  • Anticipate questions...have possible solution files open you do not plan to use/know where they are
  • Have a blank GG window open...be willing to say "I'll have to look that up on the Forum."
  • Good luck...enjoy...
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