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(Created page with "<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude>{{betamanual|version=5.0}} {{command|3D}} ;Turtle[] :Creates a turtle at the coordinate origin.")
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<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude>{{betamanual|version=5.0}}
<noinclude>{{Manual Page|version=5.0}}</noinclude> {{command|scripting}}
:Creates a turtle at the coordinate origin.
:Creates a turtle at the coordinate origin.
{{Note| See also [[TurtleForward Command|TurtleForward]],  [[TurtleBack Command|TurtleBack]],  [[TurtleLeft Command|TurtleLeft]], [[TurtleRight Command|TurtleRight]], [[TurtleUp Command|TurtleUp]] and [[TurtleDown Command|TurtleDown]] commands.}}

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