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This article describes how you can help us with translation of GeoGebra User interface. Before you start translation, plese check whether someone else isn't already working on it (see Translation:Status).

Doing the Translation

Please write to to obtain a login for the online translation system in order to translate GeoGebra's GUI. To use it, you need to do the following:

  • login
  • when asked to confirm copyright assignment, please do so
  • pick one of the categories on top and start translating
  • by default you only see the last 100 untranslated keys. To see more you can either click the "show all" link below header or reload the page once you have translated some keys
  • Please only translate the Java section if your language is not supported by Java for the file-Open and Save dialog
  • Please only change the symbols section if you want to add symbols for your own language
Note: The GUI and Commands sections are used to translate the apps, the Website section is for translationg Resource IDs section is for translating the official tutorials.

Then your translation will automatically appear in the next release :)

Notes and restrictions


Command names must not include any spaces or other special characters (eg - < > ), i.e. a command name has to be one single word. The only special character that is allowed is an underscore _.


This file is used to display special characters for each language in the symbols popup, so please add as many as you want (maximum 19) starting with S.1. Use T.1 etc to add an optional tooltip to say what the symbol is.


With GeoGebra 3.2 we have introduced a more sophisticated way to describe objects. For example, the key "HyperbolaWithFociABPassingThroughC" has English translation "Hyperbola with foci %0, %1 passing through %2". The symbols %0 %1 and %2 should remain in your translation but you can put them in the correct position for your language and they will be replaced with the names of objects by GeoGebra.

For example "Hyperbola with foci %0, %1 passing through %2" would become "Hyperbola with foci A,F passing through Q". In German it would be "Hyperbel mit Brennpunkten %0, %1 durch %2" which would become "Hyperbel mit Brennpunkten A, F durch Q"

Note: The translations for the keys xAxis, yAxis, zAxis must not contain any spaces or other punctuation, eg -


This category contains translations for the whole website and parts of the wiki.

Several keys that might be confusing to you:

  • CommandPattern, CommandsPattern, ToolPattern: these keys are used for generating command pages in the Wiki (e.g. "Midpoint Command", command group pages ("Algebra Commands") and Tool Pages ("Midpoint or Center Tool"). Translation of these is quite important since possible errors affect a lot of pages, so please do it carefully. Some possible values of CommandPattern are shown:
    • %0 Command produces Midpoint Command
    • %0 (Command) produces Midpoint (Command)
    • Command %0 produces Command Midpoint
    • you can think of other values, but please try to avoid using : and / as these have special meaning in wiki article names.
  • ManualTalk, ReferenceTalk, TipsTalk, TutorialTalk: wiki uses talk pages like this one: for problem reports and related discussion. You may have look how such talk pages are named in your version of wikipedia to make your translation more consistent.
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