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What is a GeoGebraBook

A GeoGebraBook is a collection of GeoGebra-based materials and worksheets. It allows you to organize your own GeoGebra Applets and / or your favorite materials from GeoGebra into dynamic, interactive online-textbooks for learning and teaching at all levels of education.
Our online GeoGebraBook Editor allows you to easily create a GeoGebraBook. Just go to and sign in to your GeoGebra Account in order to get started.

Create a GeoGebraBook

On the main page of GeoGebra go to My GeoGebraBooks and click on the button Button newgeogebrabook.png in order to start creating a GeoGebraBook.
The page New GeoGebraBook of the GeoGebraBook Editor allows you to input some basic information and metadata about the GeoGebraBook you are about to create: Screenshot new geogebrabook.png

1)Title: Fill in the Title of your GeoGebraBook.
2)Language: Specify the main Language of your GeoGebraBook. Please remember that GeoGebra has an international user community creating a multitude of GeoGebraBooks in many different languages.
3)Description: Add an optional Description for your GeoGebraBook which will make it easier for other users to decide whether this material is what they were looking for on GeoGebra.
4)Target Group (Age): Specify the age of the student Target Group intended to work with this GeoGebraBook.
5)Tags: Add Tags (key words) which allow other users to find your GeoGebraBook on GeoGebra
6)Visibility: Decide about the Visibility of your GeoGebraBook and specify which users will be able to access your GeoGebraBook on GeoGebra. You may choose between the following options:

  • Public: Other users can find and view this GeoGebraBook.
  • Shared with Link: Only users who have the direct link to your GeoGebraBook can view it. Please note that it won't appear in the search results of other users.
  • Private: Other users cannot view your GeoGebraBook, which won't appear in their search results either.

When you are done entering this information about your new GeoGebraBook, just click Button save.png in order to set up the basic structure of your GeoGebraBook and start adding / creating content.

Note: By creating a GeoGebraBook you agree to publish your work under the Creative Commons: Attribution Share Alike license.

Edit GeoGebraBook

On the page Edit GeoGebraBook you can find the two tabs Content and Title page, as well as a button Button-View-GeoGebraBook.png.

Tab Content

You may use tab Content in order to set up the structure and content of your GeoGebraBook.

This button allows you to set up the main structure of your GeoGebraBook by creating different chapters. If you click on the button Add Chapter, you may either Create a New Chapter or Insert existing Chapter from another book.

  • Create new Chapter: You can specify a Name and enter an optional Description for the chapter in the appearing dialog window. Click Save when you are done.
    Note: Your chapter will now appear in the Chapters overview . You will be able to change the name of the chapter at any time by clicking on the Menu-edit.svg Edit icon next to the chapter's current name.
  • Copy Chapter from another Book: You may either copy a chapter of one of your own GeoGebraBooks or search for a GeoGebraBook of another user to copy one of its chapters into your new GeoGebraBook. In the appearing dialog window, search for the GeoGebraBook you want to copy a chapter from and click on its name in order to display its chapter overview. Select the chapter you want to copy and click Import in order to add this entire chapter to your new GeoGebraBook.

Delete Chapter
After you have created at least one chapter for your GeoGebraBook, the button Delete Chapter appears, allowing you to delete a chapter from your GeoGebraBook.

Add Material
You can now add materials from GeoGebra to your GeoGebraBook. Select the chapter you want to add your material to and click on the button Add Material. In the appearing dialog window, you can choose between two options:

  • Find and Add Worksheet: Search for your own or other public materials on GeoGebra. Decide which material you would like to add to your GeoGebraBook and click the button Add Material to the right of the material’s name.
    Note: Use this option if you want to add an existing material to your GeoGebraBook.
  • Create New Worksheet: Create a new material using the online Worksheet Editor. You may add Text, GeoGebra Applets, Videos and Images to your Dynamic Worksheet and specify Worksheet Settings.

All materials you added to a chapter are displayed in the Materials overview for each chapter.

Note: You may edit or delete a material from your GeoGebraBook at any time by clicking on the Menu-edit.svg Edit or Menu-edit-delete.svg Delete icon next to the material's name in the Materials overview.

Tab Settings

You may change the information and metadata you entered on the page Create GeoGebraBook (e.g., title, language, description, student age, visibility). In addition, you may also upload a Title Image for your GeoGebraBook.

Button View GeoGebraBook

You may preview your GeoGebraBook in a new tab of your browser.

Access your GeoGebraBooks

You may access a list of all your GeoGebraBooks in two ways:

  • My GeoGebraBooks on the main page of GeoGebra: Log in to your GeoGebra Account in order to find a complete list of your GeoGebraBooks on the main page of GeoGebra.
  • My Profile: Open your profile page in order to see a complete list of your GeoGebraBooks.

After selecting one of your GeoGebraBooks from this list, you get to the overview page of your GeoGebraBook. Here, you have the following options:

  • View GeoGebraBook: You may preview your GeoGebraBook in a new tab of your browser.
  • Menu-edit.svg Edit: Go back to the page Edit GeoGebraBook in order to make changes to your GeoGebraBook.
  • Menu-edit-delete.svg Delete: Delete your GeoGebraBook.
  • Menu-edit-copy.svg Make a Copy: Make a copy of your GeoGebraBook in order to use its structure and / or content in another GeoGebraBook.
  • Download: Download your GeoGebraBook to your computer as a .zip file in order to use it offline.
    Note: You need to agree to the terms of GeoGebra's non-commercial license in order to download your GeoGebraBook.
  • Share: You may change the visibility of your GeoGebraBook by selecting Make Public or Create Link for Sharing.
    Note: If the visibility of your GeoGebraBook is set to Shared with Link or Public, you may click on Share again in order to get the link address to your GeoGebraBook to share with other users.
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