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What is an Online Dynamic Worksheet

A Dynamic Worksheet is an interactive (online) worksheet that may consist of Text elements, GeoGebra Applets, Videos, and Images organized in a flexible layout.

Our Online Worksheet Editor allows you to easily create a Dynamic Worksheet online. Just go to and sign in to your GeoGebra Account in order to get started.

Note: You can also create a Dynamic Worksheet directly in the GeoGebraBook Editor.

Create a Dynamic Worksheet Online

On the main page of GeoGebra go to My Materials and click on the button Button-new worksheet.png in order to start creating a Dynamic Worksheet. You may now enter a Name for your Dynamic Worksheet and insert some of the following elements in a user-defined order by selecting the element type from the provided list.

Insert Element.png

Insert Text

Insert Text Element Click on the button Button-Add-Element.png and select Button-Text.png from the list of available worksheet elements. In the appearing text dialog you may fill in a Title for this text element (e.g., Description, Instructions, Tasks) and enter the corresponding text. The dialog window provides the following options to enhance your text element:

  • Formatting Style: Format your text (e.g., change font style and size, alignment, create lists)
  • MATH: Insert mathematical formulas, which may include mathematical symbols (e.g., Greek letters, operators, arrows).
  • ICONS: Insert GeoGebra Tool icons.

Click Button-Done.png in order to save your text and insert the text element into your Dynamic Worksheet.

Note: You may edit a text element later on by clicking on the Edit Menu-edit.svg icon, which appears if you move your mouse over the text element.

Edit Text Element
If you move your mouse over a text element, you can select one of the following options by clicking on the corresponding icon in the right upper corner of your text element.

  • Add Information Add-Information.png: Enter some additional explanation for your students, which might help them while working on the Dynamic Worksheet”.
  • Edit Menu-edit.svg: Open the text element editor and edit the text.
  • Copy Menu-edit-copy.svg: Copy the text element if you want to reuse (part of) it.
  • Delete Menu-edit-delete.svg: Delete the text element from your Dynamic Worksheet.

Click Button-Done.png in order to close the Text element and save your changes.

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