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Sort[ <List> ]
Sorts a list of numbers, text objects, or points.
Note: Lists of points are sorted by x-coordinates.
  • Sort[{3, 2, 1}] gives you the list {1, 2, 3}.
  • Sort[{"pears", "apples", "figs"}] gives you the list elements in alphabetical order.
  • Sort[{(3, 2), (2, 5), (4, 1)}] gives you {(2, 5), (3, 2), (4, 1)}.

Sort[ <Values>, <Keys> ]
Sorts the first list Values according to the corresponding second list Keys.
  • In order to sort a list of polynomials list1 = {x^3, x^2, x^6} according to degree, create the dependent list of degrees list2 = Zip[Degree[a], a, list1]. After that, Sort[list1, list2] yields the requested list3 = {x^2, x^3, x^6}.
  • In order to draw the polygon having as vertices the complex roots of x^{10}-1, sorted by their arguments, create list1 = {ComplexRoot[x^10-1]}, then use the command Polygon[Sort[list1, arg(list1)]]. This command yields poly1 = 2.94.

Note: There is a workaround to sort lists of arbitrary objects which is explained in the Tutorial:Advanced List Sorting.
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