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This dialog is available by selecting the Menu Properties Gear.png Advanced item in Options Menu, or by clicking the Menu Properties Gear.png Preferences icon on the toolbar. It is divided into different sections, which are shown depending on active objects and Views: Options-objects24.png Properties, View-graphics24.png Graphics, View-cas24.png CAS, View-spreadsheet24.png Spreadsheet, Options-layout24.png Layout, Properties defaults 3.png Defaults, and Options-advanced24.png Advanced.

Options-objects24.png Properties

This section is displayed only if an object is currently selected in the construction. Clicking on the related icon displays the Properties Dialog of the object.

View-graphics24.png Graphics

This section is displayed only if the Graphics View is active, and allows you to define its settings, e.g. background colour, axes and grid. See Customizing the Graphics View for further details.

View-cas24.png CAS

This section is displayed only if the CAS View is active, and allows you to:

  • set a timeout for the CAS calculations, in seconds
  • set how to show rational exponents

View-spreadsheet24.png Spreadsheet

This section is displayed only if the Spreadsheet View is active, and allows you to show or hide the inputbar, gridlines, column/row header and scrollbars. You can also enable using buttons and checkboxes.

Options-layout24.png Layout

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  • Virtual Keyboard: You can set the virtual keyboard language and the width/height of the virtual keyboard.
  • Tooltips: You can set the tooltip language and a timeout for tooltips.
  • Language: You can use digits and point names specified for your language.
  • Perspectives: Here you can manage the perspectives of GeoGebra.
  • Angle Unit: Switch between Degree and Radians
  • Continuity: If Continuity is On, GeoGebra tries to set new calculated points near the original ones.
  • Default Point Style: Set the point style, that is showed in the Graphics-View.
  • Checkbox Size: Switch between regular and large checkboxes.
  • Right Angle Style: Choose the symbol for a right angle.
  • Coordinates: Define how coordinates are displayed.
  • Miscellaneous: Here you can enable scripting, use Java fonts, etc.
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