SetPerspective Command

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SetPerspective[ <Text> ]

Changes the layout and visibility of Views. The text parameter describes the desired layout. The text should be a valid expression - Views are represented by variables (letters): the horizontal arrangement of Views is represented by the related letters juxtaposition, and their vertical arrangement by a division symbol /.

Letter View
A Algebra
B Probability calculator
D Graphics 2
G Graphics
L Construction protocol
P Properties
R Data analysis
S Spreadsheet
T Graphics 3D
  • SetPerspective["G"] makes only the Graphics View visible
  • SetPerspective["AGS"] makes Algebra, Graphics and Spreadsheet View visible, aligned horizontally
  • SetPerspective["S/G"] makes Spreadsheet and Graphics View visible with Spreadsheet on top and Graphics View below
  • SetPerspective["S/(GA)"] is similar as above, the bottom part of the screen consists of Graphics View on the left and Algebra View on the right

Instead of these expressions you may also use a text containing a single digit to use a predefined perspective:

Text Perspective
"1" Algebra And Graphics
"2" Basic Geometry
"3" Geometry
"4" Table and Graphics
"5" CAS and Graphics

These roughly correspond to "AG", "G", "G", "SG" and "CG" respectively, but may also affect the display of Input Bar and content of Toolbar.

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