SetPerspective Command

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SetPerspective[ <Text> ]

Changes the layout and visibility of Views. The text parameter describes the desired layout. The text should be a valid expression - Views are represented by variables (letters), vertical splits are represented by multiplication, horizontal splits by division.

Letter View
A Algebra
B Probability calculator
D Graphics 2
G Graphics
L Construction protocol
P Properties
R Data analysis
S Spreadsheet
T Graphics 3D
  • SetPerspective["G"] makes only the Graphics View visible
  • SetPerspective["AGS"] makes Algebra, Graphics and Spreadsheet View visible, aligned horizontally
  • SetPerspective["S/G"] makes Spreadsheet and Graphics View visible with Spreadsheet on top and Graphics View below
  • SetPerspective["S/(GA)"] is similar as above, the bottom part of the screen consists of Graphics View on the left and Algebra View on the right
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