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SetDecoration( <Object>, <Number> )
Sets the decoration of the given object (see also the Style tab in the Properties window of the object). The object must be an angle, a segment or a "fillable object". The second argument in the command is the numeric code of the decoration / fill-style, as described in the following table.

Value Segment decoration Angle decoration Fill-style
0 Remove decoration Remove decoration Solid fill
1 One tick Two arcs Hatched
2 Two ticks Three arcs Cross-hatched
3 Three ticks One tick Chessboard
4 One arrow Two ticks Dotted
5 Two arrows Three ticks Honeycomb
6 Three arrows Clockwise arrow Brick
7 (None) Anticlockwise arrow Weave pattern

SetDecoration(<Segment>, <Number>, <Number>)
Sets the aspect of the line start and end of a segment. In order to view the decoration, it's necessary to hide the two points that define the vertices of the segment. The segment decoration can also be set in the Style tab of the Properties window of the segment. The first number used as command parameter defines the style of the line segment start, and the second number sets the style of the line segment end, as described in the following table.
Value Decoration
0 No decoration
1 vertical bar
2 empty square
3 filled square
4 arrow
5 filled arrow
6 empty dot
7 filled dot
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