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This page gives an overview of the new features in GeoGebra 4.4 since version 4.2.
Please see our Manual document for more detailed descriptions of each new tool and command.

Download GeoGebra here:

Portable versions:

General Features

  • new Sign In option to stay signed-in to GeoGebra
  • new CAS Engine (Giac) which is much faster and resolves many problems from GeoGebra 4.2
  • the CAS View supports exact versions of some of the geometry commands, and there is now some support for parametric curves
  • PSTricks and PGF/Tikz export enhanced with fixes & more objects supported
  • HTML worksheet export now uploads to GeoGebra (Ctrl-Shift-M to get new automatic Java/HTML5 export to the clipboard)
  • Ctrl-Shift-B to copy the "ggbBase64 string" to the clipboard
  • (a,1) draggable
  • autocreation of sliders from the Input Bar (eg y = a x + b)
  • variables highlighted in the Input Bar and CAS
  • Text Tool: Quotes " replaced with “ or ”.
  • defaults changed: Checkboxes, Sliders and Buttons now larger
  • angles over 360° are allowed now
  • angle default can be set to 0° - 180°
  • Can now set angle properties for lists of angles
  • automatically updates to latest version (Windows)
  • OSX automatic updates offered through Mac App Store
  • <Enter> pressed in spreadsheet: don't go down one cell if the cell below is fixed
  • Colored objects now supported in TableText[]
  • More filling styles
  • BarCharts: can now set the color of each bar

Better GeoGebra Integration

We will be making the interaction between GeoGebra and GeoGebra much more streamlined over the coming year. To start with we now have:

  • "Sign in" button so that you can stay signed-in to GeoGebra
  • File -> Open from GeoGebra so that you can access and edit your materials and other public materials easily
  • Uploaded material can now be classified as Public (all the users can find and view it), Shared (only users who have received a specific URL-link can view the material, that will not appear in search results of other users), and Private (other users cannot view the material, that will not appear also in search results)

Chrome App & HTML5 Improvements

  • works offline
  • Spreadsheet View and Algebra View work on GeoGebra
  • Graphics 2 works, and you can rearrange views by dragging the title bar
  • Navigation Bar works
  • CAS View works
  • Construction Protocol works
  • Object Properties mostly working (will be updated)
  • Enhanced Text Tool

New Commands

  • Intersect[ <Polynomial Parametric Curve>, <Polynomial Parametric Curve> ]
    finds multiple intersections using a computer algebra method
  • Intersect[ <Parametric Curve 1>, <Parametric Curve 2>, <Parameter 1>, <Parameter 2> ]
    finds one intersection using an iterative method starting at the given parameters
  • IFactor[ <Polynomial>]
    Factor over the irrationals, eg IFactor[x^2+x-1]
  • RunClickScript[ <Object>]
  • RunUpdateScript[ <Object>]
  • NSolveODE [ <List of Derivatives>, <Initial x-coordinate>, <List of Initial y-coordinates>, <Final x-coordinate> ]
  • RandomUniform[ <Min>, <Max>, <Number of Samples> ]

Updated Commands

  • Colored objects now supported in the TableText command and you can now control individual lines in the table
  • ClosestPoint and Distance commands now use closest point (rather than vertical point) for functions. This works best for polynomials; for other functions the numerical algorithm is less stable.
  • SetCoords command now works for Sliders, Buttons, Checkboxes, Input Boxes, Images. If "Absolute Screen Position" is selected then x,y are in screen pixels.
  • SelectObjects[] now cancels any drag that is in progress (useful in scripts).

New CAS Commands

  • CIFactor[ <Expression> ]
  • CIFactor[ <Expression>, <Variable> ]
    factor over the complex irrationals, eg CIFactor[x^2+x+1]
  • IFactor[ <Expression> ]
  • IFactor[ <Expression>, <Variable> ]
    Factor over the irrationals, eg IFactor[x^2+x-1]
  • Polynomial[ <Function> ]
    Expands the function and writes it as a polynomial in x (grouping the coefficients)
  • Polynomial[ <Function>, <Variable> ]
    Expands the function and writes it as a polynomial in the variable (grouping the coefficients)

New JavaScript commands

  • String evalCommandCAS(String)
    Returns an answer as if the String had been typed into the CAS View.

Description of all GeoGebra JavaScript Methods

GeoGebra's XML File Format

GeoGebra's XML file format is documented at Reference:XML.


You are free to copy, distribute and transmit GeoGebra for non-commercial purposes. Please see the GeoGebra license for details.

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