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GeoGebra's Licence

Please read this carefully:

Sources for used libraries

The following tools are used as part of GeoGebra's software development process and may be found for convenience in our source versioning system. Below you can find references to the project websites and/or source code of these tools. Special thanks to The Eclipse Foundation for making Eclipse freely available


 AndroidAnnotations:: (Apache 2.0)
 Apache Cordova (Tablet app framework):: (Apache Software license)
 The Apache Commons IO Library:: (Apache Software License)
 The Apache Commons Mathematics Library:: (Apache Software License)
 Apache Commons Collections:: (Apache Software License)
 Calligraphy:: (Apache 2.0)
 CircleImageView:: (Apache 2.0)
 CircleIndicator:: (Apache 2.0)
 Domvas:: (MIT)
 EPS Graphics:: (GPL2+)
 FreeHEP:: used for exporting SVG, PDF etc. This branch is used from GeoGebra 4 but with some important patches applied eg r24876 r7436 r38230 (Apache 2.0 / LGPL)
 gluegen:: Original sources (BSD License) are available here: and
 jogl 2:: Original sources (BSD License;a=blob;f=LICENSE.txt) are available here: (git repository)
 JavaCC:: This is used for turning kernel.parser.parser.jj into *.java files\\
 Source: License: BSD
 fenster:: (Apache 2.0)
 Giac (CAS Engine):: (GPL3)
 Glide:: (Apache 2.0)
 GWT SVG library:: (LGPL3)
 ComputationalGeometry:: (MIT)
 tsp-java:: (MIT)
 jdt (Java Delaunay Triangulation):: (Apache 2.0)
 Jetty:: (Apache 2.0)
 JFugue 2.1:: Used for PlaySound command (LGPL)
 JLaTeXMath:: Original Sources can be found at (GPL2+ with Classpath exception)
 JUNG:: (new BSD)
 jQuery:: (MIT)
 jQuery UI:: (MIT)
 JSON Parser:: (Apache 2.0)
 Material Dialogs:: (MIT)
 MathQuill (Equation Renderer):: (MPL2.0 or LGPL, note the version we use was forked before the licence change in 2014)
 mp3decode:: (LGPL)
 OpenCSV:: Used for parsing CSV for importing into the spreadsheet (Apache 2.0)
 OpenGeoProver:: A Java library for theorem proving. (GPL3)
 OpenType:: (MIT)
 QuickHull3D:: (new BSD)
 RecyclerView Animators:: (Apache 2.0)
 Rhino:: (MPL 2.0)
 Sliding Menu:: (Apache 2.0)
 SVG Salamander:: (LGPL / BSD)
 Swifter:: (BSD 3)
 Tango Icon Gallery:: (Public Domain)
 UITestUtils:: (MIT)
 zip.js:: A JavaScript library to zip and unzip files. (new BSD)
 Others:: sources for all other libraries used are in GeoGebra's SVN repository:

GeoGebra Materials

 BBCode Parsing class:: (MIT)
 GeoIP 2:: (Apache 2.0)
 getID3:: (LGPL 3.0, MPL 2.0)
 jQuery:: (MIT)
 :: Plugins:
 :: expander: (MIT)
 :: jssor slider: (MIT)
 :: shorten: (MIT)
 :: simplemodal: (MIT)
 :: tags: (CC-BY-SA 3.0)
 :: tinycarousel: (MIT)
 :: touchSwipe: (MIT)
 :: wysibb: (MIT
 :: xdomainrequest: (MIT)
 jQuery UI:: (MIT)
 :: Plugins:
 :: touchPunch: (MIT)
 leflet:: (CC SA)
 lessphp:: (MIT)
 min.js:: (MIT)
 openstreetmap:: (ODbL, CC-BY-SA 2.0)
 pclzip:: (LGPL 2.1)
 php-ga (Google Analytics):: (LGPL 3)
 webfont.js:: (Apache 2.0)
 xml2json, json2xml:: (Artistic)
 Zend Framework:: (New BSD)
 :: Extensions:
 :: openId Adapter:
 :: Twitter Oauth Adapter: (New BSD)
 :: Facebook Auth Adapter:
 :: skoch filter extension: (Simplified BSD)
 zeroclipboard:: (MIT)


 MediaWiki:: (GPL 2.0)
 :: multiple extensions, see
 Wordpress:: (GPL 2.0)
 Responsive theme:: (GPL 3)
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