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GeoGebra Installation

This page describes how a system administrator can install GeoGebra on many devices at once. For installations on a single machine, see GeoGebra Installation. Please note that all our installers are subject to the GeoGebra non-commercial license.

Chrome OS

If you are in one of the countries supported by Google Play for Education, you should be able to install our app via Google Play for Education.

In other countries you may need to install the Chrome App manually.

GeoGebra Desktop Software


To install GeoGebra Desktop on many Windows computers in a network:

  • download the .msi installer of GeoGebra Classic 6 or GeoGebra Classic 5 to a network folder being accessible from all workstations, e.g. \\INSTALL\GeoGebra\.
  • install GeoGebra silently on each workstation: msiexec /i \\INSTALL\GeoGebra\GeoGebra-Windows-Installer-6-0-389-0.msi ALLUSERS=2 /qn. You may want to put this command into a batch file to save time for typing. It may also be convenient to use remote command execution by using the PsExec utility to install GeoGebra on all devices.

Note that GeoGebra Classic will be automatically updating minor new versions (e.g. 5.0.3 to 5.0.4) by downloading the new version into the user’s Application Data folder and then using it after the next restart of the software. So, you will only need to do a new installation when you want to switch to a new major version (e.g. from 5.0 to 5.2).

Mass installations of GeoGebra Classic 6 will not update automatically.

GeoGebra Tablet and Phone Apps

Please see instructions below for individual platforms.

you should be able to install the iPad app on mutliple devices using Apple Configurator or similar mobile device management tools.
Please download one of the APKs from


In case you need any help with the mass installation, please contact us at

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