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GeoGebra Installation


GeoGebra can be installed for Windows in two ways:


We provide GeoGebra in two ways for MacOS X:

Please note that the Portable version will not update automatically, while the App Store version will automatically update to any new version (both minor and major). The App Store version may have a slightly different look at the Load/Save dialogs as it's running in sandboxed mode.


The following GeoGebra Linux installers are available:

  • 64 bit / 32 bit installers for .deb based systems (Debian, Ubuntu)
  • 64 bit / 32 bit installers for .rpm based systems (Red Hat, openSUSE)
  • Portable Linux bundle for 64 and 32 bit Linux systems


The .deb and .rpm installers will automatically add the official GeoGebra repository to the package management system on the workstation. This will enable automatic update of GeoGebra every time a new version is released. Note that the portable version will not automatically update.

If you want to include GeoGebra in your custom Linux distribution with GeoGebra included, the best way is to add the official GeoGebra repository ( to your package management system. The GPG key of the repository is at The name of the package is geogebra5. This will conflict with the earlier versions (4.0, 4.2 and 4.4), which are named geogebra (and geogebra44 for 4.4) and should be deleted first.

For some distributions GeoGebra can be found in the public repositories:

All versions

Version Windows Mac OS X Linux
4.4 Installer Portable Portable Portable
5.0 Installer Portable Portable Portable
latest Installer Portable Portable Portable

Browse the directory at


Windows: Removing an old version of GeoGebra from the registry

  • Start Menu -> Run -> explorer C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry
  • Edit this file in Notepad: .com.zerog.registry.xml and remove the GeoGebra related bits

Attention! C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry is a hidden folder, so normally it won't appear in C:\Program Files

Windows: "Installer User Interface Not Supported"

This is a problem when your Windows username contains unusual characters (e.g. !, #) Solution: Create another user e.g. "Test" and install GeoGebra using that profile.[1] es:Referencia:Instalación de GeoGebra

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